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Shogun 2 vs Empire vs M2 vs Rome



  • david_m111david_m111 Registered Users Posts: 13
    edited September 2011
    quezcotl wrote: »
    my favorite total wars, in order:

    Rome total war - had the most fun in this campaign and the graphic at its time was "WoW".
    Shogun 2 Total War - its almost perfect, multiplayer is buggy though, but I can't find any flaws in singleplayer.
    Medieval 2 Total war - Great game, however I didnt like the multiplayer and the Crusade was really annoying unless you played HRE.
    Empire Total War - I played Sweden... never got to expand much, also didnt like the battles, too slow for me.

    (havnt played NTW or S/M-TW)

    Totally agree with this guy. Empire battles are really slow... And I love Rome, really fun. I still playing it :)
  • doinwork34doinwork34 Registered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators Posts: 2,893
    edited September 2011
    1.) M2TW. Graphics are to this day great. Love the look of hundreds of individual units with shining armour, different colors and patterns, smashing into one another to get covered in mud and blood. The imperfectness of the visuals make it more realistic. Also, all the different cultures and factions give it a great feel. Love how the time periods spans from 1100 to 1500(?). makes you feel like you are really playing through history and changing the world...
    2.)Rome-just so dang nostalgic! love it. I get more excited, about thinking about how excited I was to first play than actually playing it! :) with those 3d graphics, arrows clincking and banging of shields, and cavalry smashing into ranks of infantry just to watch them all go flying. lol. Love the unit evolution of the Romans. (marian reforms) I always think "now its on!" when that happens. But I didnt like how it felt like you were just plowing through ****py barbarians hords with superior legionaires. Also, I wish there was blood in that game to, just a little like M2.
    3.)Love S2. Grahics, AI, RP, are all excellent. I remember playing S1 and loving it but I play S2 and realize that since S1 was so simple that it made for a great era. But these days, I really think that you have to go farther in terms of RP, custimization, and depth. Focus on multiple cultures, people and textures (like armor, armor upgrades, and details) . And concentrating on just Japan, really holds back the epicness that it should be.
    4.) Empire- I always get really excited to play it but then when I do, I just get ****ed. The AI doing stupid things, the lack of skins and units, and how every faction is at war with each other but nothing is happening, and, when it always rains when there is snow on the ground!!. Other than that, I love the scale of the the game and I really like how the regions are bigger and it takes more time and resources, and in some cases multiple battles to conquer said region. But I dont like how you can, for example, conquer France with one fell swoop by taking just Paris.
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  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Registered Users Posts: 3,194
    edited September 2011
    Since this topic appears to be more about TW in general, I'm going to move it to the TW General Chat board.

    Now, my order of preference. This could be tricky.

    1. Empire - I loved the changes to battles that gunpowder brought about, and I loved how playing the campaign inspired me to read up on 18th century history (an area consp.icuously absent from my school History class). If all the reliability issues had been worked out this would have been the TW title to beat for years to come. It's still the title I play the most.

    2. Rome - I was already fairly well versed in TW when Rome came out, but it totally blew me away. The vibrancy of the campaign, and the feeling of empire building was amazing. If this title isn't crying out for a remake, I don't know what is.

    3. Napoleon - The fixes introduced with this title made it one of the most stable TW releases ever. My only wish was that the campaign was still on Empire's epic scale, as after a few plays through I don't really feel drawn to complete the story campaigns again.

    4. Medieval - My first foray into TW, and it still holds a special place in my heart. The atmosphere created by the game was amazing, especially the music and artwork. Once I started playing this I put all my other games aside until Rome was released, it was that good.

    5. Medieval 2 - Some obvious graphical improvements and nice updates, but for some reason it didn't quite feel as good as the original. It's still very playable though (in fact, I have a campaign going at the moment), especially with the Retrofit mod.

    6. Shogun/Total War Shogun 2 - I've played both, and struggled to remain interested in either. Both are highly impressive products, but they just don't hold my attention.

    Really, 3, 4, and 5 are all pretty much interchangeable depending on my mood. XD

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