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FotS Multiplayer Campaign?

SaucysoupSaucysoup Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 98
Honestly, yesterday I came back to Shogun 2 with excitement! Ready to take over Japan once again as the Tsu (DLC) faction on singleplayer. Yet, halfway through the campaign I got a bit lonely... Wondering if Me and some other person could split Japan in two pieces, then go full on head to head after every province was split equally. So later that day I went onto the Multiplayer campaign list to see if anybody had a game set up. Turns out, less people play Multiplayer campaign of any Shogun 2 campaign. No games were set up at all except for 1 rise of the samurai if I'm correct? Any-how I couldn't play because the fact I only have FotS. Point is, if anyone plays multiplayer campaign now a-days it's because they have a friend playing with em' or they have mods on. I mean seriously, this game came out, what? 2-3 years ago?
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  • ArgonArgon Senior Member ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 1,501
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    Guys play coop camp with friends and npt random players
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