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Tumultus v13 .7...ish? | This game doesn't ever end up as play for me...

MalZen333MalZen333 Senior MemberPosts: 225Registered Users
edited August 2014 in General Discussion
Each time, over the last 9 months, I fool myself into trying to play this 'game'; I end up frustrated, I exit debilitated that the disputes I have still exist...
Each tumult that burns me out, CA must not hear enough clamor to justify them attention.
Hard reset my PC down jaded by how these disputes could exist undisputed from the start...

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When my diplomatic status becomes universally Untrustworthy the very first time I hit the End Turn button;
Because one of my Client States arbitrarily decided to go to war with another Client State...
Siding with the defender against the aggressor?
Siding with the aggressor against the defender?
Arbitrate an armistice, demanding a ceasefire for the benefit and prosperity of each environ belonging to my empire?
-No option for that.
What's a protectorate again?
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When every single homeless faction army leftovers just happens to curiously be in a raiding stance Goldilocks zone directly one hex out of range of both the
Hostile Armies.
Hostile Agents.

... curious.
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Those great end turns when a 4 unit rebellion is able to move and take actions the same turn they appear; those guys far surpassing any garrison belonging to a province pushed to rebel.
Meanwhile I reinstate Army legacy
-1 year immobile.
I merge an Agent in with a General, who just had a full meter worth of movement potential; entire Army
-1 year Immobile.
Conquer Settlement with full meter
-1 year Immobile.
Merge units between two armies
-may as well be 1 year immobile.

Those great end turns same turn sieged... every one of the on the brink of rebelling end turns...
_ ___ _______ _________ _ ___

_ ___ _______
I siege city.
Garrison sallies out.
I send the 30% remaining living Garrison running back home.
I assault city.
Garrison at 100% living.

I siege city.
I successfully defeat enemy General garrisoned inside.
I occupy city. Enemy General flees my city with heavy casualties.
I end turn.
Enemy General assaults my new City and its Garrison at 10% manpower with 100% casualty free units. And the 5 mercenary stacks the province must ov just happened to replenished.

Not fun.
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Enemy Agent Hindered!
How hindered can an enemy Agent really be if he is able to wound the second Agent of mine during an assassination attempt the same turn my first agent hindered him?
Multiple agents surrounding and using costly actions against one lone enemy agent, on my home turf...
-No exponential variables accounted for.
Agent hindered!
-From only taking action against you next turn... Just pixels and wasted memory till then.
Agent hindered! So I'm killing him slowly through attrition increasing the probability him and his kids will stay off my **** lawn?!
? But..
-No. no.
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I do not enjoy trying to annihilate a routed army of 30 exhausted single file dumb bobble heads around for longer than it took the army to break every battle. Or any battle.
I might enjoy it, if for some reason my fresh light units could ever catch any of them.
How is this pathfinding issue still an issue?
-Rout in single files instead of a dispersed mob; y'all seen those clumped Mob units in a game called Rome Total War? . Broken.
-Exhausted and outpace every unit, aside from cav, unless I micro glitch exploit booster jump a trailing unit with alternating increase/decrease rank/file spam slightly ahead of routing unit bobblehead line leaders. Broken.
_ ___ _______ _________ _ ___

_ ___ _______

Had 7 Generals (composed of only 30 stacks between them) all prepped & in position to initiate a siege next turn. I end the turn. The same faction I am about to attack with the 7 generals offers me peace. I accept. Start of my next turn I take a -200 to diplomacy for trespasses of my 7 generals with the faction that offered the peace. Asininity

- Raiding Enemy Region: -10 Diplomatic Attitude per Character.
- Trespass Enemy Region: -30 Diplomatic Attitude per Character.

-/ War with ... : -112 DiploAttitude.
-/ Tresspasses against ... : -210 DiploAttitude.
-/ Total attitude value : -441.
-> Offered Peace:
-> Trespass Enemy Region: Instant -207 Diplomatic Attitude per 7 Characters after your last turn but before your current* turn. (I.E. -207 Diplomatic Ineptitude).

_ ___ - _________ _______ ___

- Winter: Standing next to a herd of deer & a forest of trees in raid stance.
-> End Turn Attrition: -30% foolish dead.

_ ___ - _________ _______ ___

- Hinder Enemy Agent -> Agent Wounded same turn by same 'Hindered' Agent.

_ ___ - _________ _______ ___

_ ___ _______
Recommendations and inquiries concerning diplomatic military access have been vindicated for three months, yet met absent response on CA's behalf.
Nervii have diplomatic relations in the green and a nonaggression pact in my Suebi campaign. I see a Nervii full stack in forced march on our border heading straight towards a two stack rebel army in my lands that I just defeated the previous turn. I suspect they are in preparation to lend aid I don't need upon the next turn; but will be trespassing to do so, and insist on refusing any alliance, military access, or trade agreement. So... WTF.
Would be mighty swell if...

- A one way military access grace period, in effect for several turns or several armies, could be purchased or sold between factions.
/ - if the diplomatic screen will popup when a trespass occurs giving the player opportunity to request a grace period or demand compensation for a grace period (met with the optional threat of retaliation if refused)

- and yada yada yada much a lot more diplomatic stuff and things blah blah blah enough excuses ca
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Honestly I think there is a heavy chance system that determines when a diplomatic agreement is refused with absolutely no rationale.

Several occasions I have QuickSaved, requested a nonaggression pact & been refused @low chances, done a few things, before the game crashes. I load up the QuickSave and before doing anything request in the same sequence a nonaggression pact with that same faction with low chance... Somehow accepted...

Sometimes I can't figure out why trade agreements will not be accepted.
I'm starting to figure out there is no reason why they refuse. No reason why they accept. No reason why. Just cause

And a lil fyi on that Nervii I had a hunch was going to trespass next turn.
Ya the Nervii trespassed next turn. But rather than trespass to attack the now 6 stack rebels with their full stack; the Nervii crossed my border in normal stance, ran to the edge of the rebels magic 20mi radius area of control red bubble, went back into forced march, turned directly around, and went the same path back into their region...
So... WTF?
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