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Questions regarding NTW, thinking of buying

StannerStanner Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 14
edited September 2014 in Napoleon: Total War
I am thinking of buying NTW gold edition for PC. I have some questions before I buy;
1. I have HistWar Les Grognards. How would you compare this to Napoleon Total War? HW:LG is VERY COMPLEX
and the GUI is a pain. The AI has a mind of its own. How about these in NTW?
2. I can buy NTW Gold Edition for PC (with CD). I assume I must still download the ENTIRE game from STEAM?
3. If yes, HOW LONG does it take to download with a fast internet connection? I use Comcast internet service.
4. After download can I play NTW WITHOUT connection to STEAM?
5. Understand NTW game is several years old, so I assume the game is NO LONGER SUPPORTED by the developer.
Is this correct?
6. If yes, this would mean that no more patches or updates are expected other than those issued to date?
7. When I download from STEAM does this include the updates and patches to date?

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  • SasuSasu Moderator FinlandRegistered Users, Moderators Posts: 8,876
    edited September 2014
    You have just missed a Steam sale on all Total War games. ...So I'll just move on to see if I can answer any of your questions. :)

    1. HistWar: Napoleon is something I recall noticing quite some time ago, but have no experience of. Looks very nice though, judging by a selection of YouTube vids. You should perhaps test the NTW demo at the Steam store to compare.
    2. To get the latest build of the game, you probably will have to download it from Steam. Edit: Though I'm not 100% certain of this when you have the Gold edition.
    3. Steam states the size of the game to be 23Gb. I have a fiber-optics connection and it's somewhere between 15-30 mins dl. That may depend on how busy the Steam servers are. Don't know if this helps: http://www.numion.com/calculators/time.html
    4. You can set Steam to Offline mode after the initial download. This will exclude you from any Steam achievements, if you should be interested in such. http://steamcommunity.com/stats/NapoleonTotalWar/achievements/
    5.-6. There will probably be no patches to the game at this stage.
    7. Steam has the latest build of the game.
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