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Playing and nearly finishing as Prussia with the difficulty set to VH was fun! Sort o

NationsartNationsart Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
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Whelp, after my fourth try with Prussia with all the settings set on VH, on the World Domination mode, I've finally managed to actually get somewhere... Sort of. I took Saxony as soon as I could and liberated it as a Barrier against Austria, swept into the West and Blitzkrieged as many small countries as possible and liberated them as a block against France and all the aggressive Nations in the West. In 1806, France declared war on me and tried to grab Cleves, but I held 'em back... ;) until Netherlands declared war on me next turn and the next turn after, I lose the "Gateway to France" due to the Netherlands. :( But I eventually sweep through it and capture the Netherlands and a bunch of all of these other regions which I then Liberate in order to strengthen the barrier against France and then set up a fort in Champagne. And somewhere during 1804-5, I capture Denmark. Not making much progress in the campaign against France, Russia and Britain declare war on me, and a turn later, Austria declares war on me and I capture a part of Russia and set up Courland and capture the edges of Russia leading into Prussia and give them to Courland. In 1805-7, Austria has conquered all of the Ottoman Empire. I dig into the East where Russia and Austria border and set up Westphalia and then conquer Moravia and give it to Westphalia. In 1807-10, Russia has conquered Courland, captured the bordering regions leading into Prussia. I later recapture it and dig into the South where I loot the Ottoman Empire's home and scam Austria into buying it and conquer it once against this time reviving the Ottoman Empire. Going back to 1807-8, I dug around France and had raised the Nation of Britony and conquered France, though, I had lost the the neighboring regions of France due to Spain and during the next couple of turns, French Rebels recaptured France! D; But I later recaptured France... :D and gave it to Belgium, which France recaptured it, then I recaptured it... and then gave it back to Belgium again, and then Spain captured it, then French Rebels recaptured it from Spain, and apparently the neighboring regions that Spain had captured were now back in French hands... I lost Picard and Spain attempted to capture Belgium in 1810 but I had aided the Belgiums and kicked the Spanish back. I had recaptured Picard and gave it to Belgium and went to go and liberate Switzerland. Meanwhile, during all that was happening, I made a mess in the South and borders of Russia and Austria and crippled Austria by reconquering Moravia, the region I had expected Westphalia to take care of, and digging into Austria, liberating Hungary, reviving the Ottoman Empire, and finally making Austria leave Romania alone, which I had liberated. In 1810, I also liberated Little Tatary which was conquered 3 times by the Russians and the finaly 3rd time was permanently kept since I had to Raig Quit the Prussian Campaign since after 1811 I was getting absolutely no where... In the end, I saw my Nation to have the most influence and prestige, especially in Military, (:rolleyes: and of all the Nations my military prestige was the highest, yet when I went into Diplomacy, my Power was always on Mighty while all the other Nations' powers were still Terrifying even though I was totally dominating in Military Prestige.) and I had captured 30/60 Regions, but failed to capture Bavaria... :(
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  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAModerators, Tech Moderators, Knights Posts: 7,730
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    I still love this release, and it remains one of my favorites no matter the technical capability of other TW titles.

    Thanks for sharing your game!
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  • Little EnosLittle Enos Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 292
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    I still love this release, and it remains one of my favorites no matter the technical capability of other TW titles.

    Thanks for sharing your game!

    Totally agree it tends to be the TW game I always come back to although I have owned the game since release in 2010 and nowadays I struggle to finish campaigns on it, (sorry guys LeCourbe / Simon for bailing on the last one again!! work & life in general) as it does feel a little too scripted / passive AI in comparison to the newer releases but I do love the era and hope CA re-visits it at some point.
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