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<Video explain> Bug (glitch) that Related with 'routing unit', 'Ai Group Attack', Etc

edaraeedarae MemberRegistered Users Posts: 97
edited January 2015 in Total War Eras Support
i'm SunsinDiary. i've made this video for explain bug that related with 'routing unit', 'Ai group Attack' , etc...

additional related thread is here :


11.29.2014 (in patch 2.1.0)
Total War Rome II - Bug reporting - 'Routing Unit' bug and 'Ai Group Attack group' bug

*when you have 'locked group' or 'ai group attack' group that each composed with more than 2 units originally , then , when only 1 unit is remained of those 'locked group' , then, that remained unit is starting routing, then, other normall units fell into 'un controlable' stance. (can't microing)

if you have many 'locked group' (or ai group attack group ) and your elephant was fell into 'run amok' or recovered from it , situation going to worse.

this bug is not only about 'locked group' (or 'ai group attack' group)
normal group is also can influenced by this bug.
when one of unit that included in some group starting routing, you can fell into follow situation. : " command moving order (positioning order through mice drag) to some normal units, but yellow positioning marker is indicated with another routing unit " .
this is very annoying when pike postioning , Etc...
and some unit ability button can disappear, and target based general skill (like fear, intimidate, second wind... ) can going to crazy. (can't targeting or forced self targeting)

*ADD infomation (2014.11.29.Sat)

-if you have "Ai Group Attack" group and another "locked group" at same time, and those group is composed by more than 2 unit originally, but when only 1 unit is remain and that last unit of "Ai Group Attack" is starting "Routing" , then all of other owned unit is become "can't control (microing) " . can't grouping, attacking, moving as normally. all of your remain unit is looks like "locked group" . all of remain unit of yours is not actual "locked group" though.

i really wonder whether CA tested about Ai group attack & locked group as detail or not.
all of unit is become 'cant control' is decisive Game BUG. and CA does not fix it until more than 1 year....

please fix this issue. Dear CA. total war can become master piece if you fix this.
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  • Paolo CAPaolo CA The Creative Assembly CA's nuragheRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 2,515
    edited December 2014
    Hi, thanks for reporting this.

    I’ll be looking into it and forwarding to the devs if necessary.
    As soon as it is fixed you will find the relevant information in our patch notes that you can visit here.

    Thanks for your help.

    For any issues you may have, there might already exist a solution/workaround.

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  • edaraeedarae Member Registered Users Posts: 97
    edited December 2014
    Paolo CA wrote: »
    Hi, thanks for reporting this.

    I’ll be looking into it and forwarding to the devs if necessary.
    As soon as it is fixed you will find the relevant information in our patch notes that you can visit here.

    Thanks for your help.

    oh! at finally ! my pray is approached to CA GOD !
    thanks for reply !

    i'm just sorry about my english speaking skill is very low.... < i did my best though :) >
    so , i afraid that whether you can catch my point (meaning) or not. but if you can see my video until end of it with endurance mind, you can catch my point i think.

    also you can read this article for more information : http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/140997-fix-the-bug-please-that-quot-Forced-select-routing-units-quot

    my suggestion for resolve this bug is this,
    => make it to possible that selecting routing unit. if i can select routing unit and re-grouping or break grouping of that routing unit from 'locked group' or ' ai group attack group' stance(condition), then this bug will be fixed i think.

    ofcourse, only selection and group or break group is available on routing unit.
    can't command condition (like moving, attack order) is still applied.
  • kryndudekryndude Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 59
    edited January 2015
    I experience this during quick battles a lot and it actually affects my micro. Hope this is dealt with before Attila comes out.
  • CHR15CHR15 Registered Users Posts: 9
    I still experience this issue in Rome 2 but not in newer games like Warhammer 2, so there is clearly a fix for it. Please implement it it has been 7 years since this thread started!
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