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Just wondering...

Duke DudeDuke Dude Senior MemberPosts: 879Registered Users
edited August 2010 in Napoleon: Total War
... what ever happened to the battle that was going to be put into a vid? I was looking forward to it and now there's just silence. Will we ever be able to see this idea bear fruit?

7th April:

Hi guys,

Just a heads-up that we will soon be contacting a few respected members of the community via PM to take part in a multiplayer match for a video.


Mark O'Connell
(aka SenseiTW)
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  • Cardinal RichelieuCardinal Richelieu Member Posts: 41Registered Users
    edited August 2010
    a lot of CA's ideas don't seem to bear fruit anymore, like this battle, the Uniform Editor, the resent Q&A and Empire's modding tools. :(
  • BajskakanBajskakan Senior Member Posts: 143Registered Users
    edited August 2010
    Yea, there's been very little activity from CA's part recently.
  • TansuTansu Senior Member Posts: 270Registered Users
    edited August 2010
    I was actually thinking about that myself some time ago. I guess its not so actual any more as there is little interest in hyping Napoleon as Shogun is the next big thing ahead...
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