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Information we need to investigate Multiplayer issues

Matthias CAMatthias CA AdministratorUKRegistered Users Posts: 2,580
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Hi everyone,

When encountering multiplayer issues can you please report it in a new thread (one thread per issue and per player) with the following information:

General Information to help us investigate your issue:

  • Your type of connection to router. Is it a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connection?
  • Does your MP partner have a broadband connection?
  • Do users currently have or have previously used MODs?
  • What languages and game regions are all affected players playing in?
  • Are users using in game voice chat?
  • What are the PC specs of all affected users?
  • What DLC is installed for all affected players?

For all the following tests you will need to look on google for a specialised website using the keywords given and ensure that in the test destination you select the location corresponding to the country where the other player lives:
  • Users Internet/broadband Speed. (keywords: broadband speed test, internet speed test)
  • Users Internet/broadband latency. (keywords: broadband latency test, internet latency test)
  • Users ping to other player. (keywords: broadband ping test, internet ping test)
  • Any packet loss on the users connection? (keywords: broadband packet loss test, internet packet loss test)

For Desync specific issues:

A campaign Desync may have occurred a number of turns before the main visual issue occurs. This makes reproducing Desyncs that you have very difficult because a Desync is not always caused by what you see even though it may consistently appear that way to you. For us to be able to have a better understanding of a Desync issue that you are consistently getting after a few turns could you provide us with the following: (if possible)
  • As much of the General Helpful Information as possible;
  • All lobby settings selected/chosen;
  • Step by step method to reproduce for each participant (the more detailed the better);
  • If it consistently happens within 2-4 turns of a new playthrough maybe a video for each player showing the steps;
  • If a Desync report is produced then that should also be provided by both player; (It can be found here: Windows explorer then type %Appdata% (open the following folders) > Roaming > The Creative Assembly > *CA Game Name* > Logs --- Please bear in mind you might not have a Roaming folder in which case please open the next folder)
  • Save games can be provided if possible;
  • Was the Desync Resync popup shown? If yes, did the game Resync successfully? If no, what happened instead?
  • Did the Desync occur during the AI turn or during a players turn?

Regarding Battle Desyncs we will only need the following:
  • As much of the General Helpful Information as possible.
  • All lobby settings selected/chosen.
  • Step by step method to reproduce for each participant, the more detailed the better.
  • A battle replay for the battle where the Desync occurred.

Thank you for your time and help!

Kind Regards,


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