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The Missing Minimap.

00owl00owl Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 147
edited April 2011 in Total War Eras Support
Allright, so I have no idea what is causing and I didn't notice when it started, but take a look at this screenshot:

There is no mini-map. This is like playing on legendary in multiplayer. Did I change a setting somewhere? How do I get it back?

Ironically in the battle above I won partly due to the fact that I had no mini-map. I lost the melee just barely and then realized I had forgotten about 2 of my yari samurai units, so then I moved my "reserves" in to wipe out the rest of the enemy and then I got to watch my opponent happily rage-quit. Yeah! Eat that naginata warrior monks!

And back to the topic of the thread: How do I get my mini map back?
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