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Resolution 27" big unbelievable issues

helios33helios33 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
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Jesus Christ!!! I bought a game wich i cant run on a 27" inch new gen iMac because if i put windowed i can only do 1920xwhatever while, on full screen the limit is 1620xwhatever Why can i play Rome on 2500xwhatever resolution just fine and this ****** game of yours doesnt allow me a good resolution in full screen, allowes me a mediocre one in windowed mode wich by the way i can not extend diagonally to the border of the screen making my eyes age much faster Where the hell was it written on the Requirements that people with 27"monitors are ******g excluded when this stupidity could not even be grasped by sheer intuition noticing how you did not display this kind of stupidity in the past. Please solve my problem I wont loose eyesight to play a stupid game, so if you dont your product and all that copme after it go in the trash, for how much you'd care..
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  • HardwaremasterHardwaremaster Senior Member In 3dsmax Los Angeles CaliforniaRegistered Users, Tech Moderators Posts: 6,391
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    If you want help you should learn how to ask for it. I am closing this thread, if you want some help I suggest you learn to ask properly and come back. Giving some proper info is important to being able to solve issues. Make a new clean topic with the correct and detailed information and you will get help.

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