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Regarding "crash" at the end of a turn

chevronchevron Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
edited February 2015 in Crashes & Performance
After ending the turn and at the beginning of the new turn sometimes u can't do anything. Me and many others thought it is a crash, but it's not. Just wait ~ 1 min. and everything works again. Seems like the game needs to load after some turn for a long time.
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  • FantomBluFantomBlu Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited February 2015
    I just want to quickly throw this out there for people "crashing" after ending a turn. I too was experiencing this and after many verifying caches, a re-install, driver updates and much cursing, I ended up getting up and walking away from my pc and let the end turn sit there for awhile. I came back to the game up and running on the next turn with no problems and have had to do this about every 5-8 turns. So I advise everyone to just sit, or walk away in anger as I did, and wait for it to catch up. Good luck and thank you CA for a great game thus far, other than this small issue. :)
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