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Problem with Onager ships

TEKAATEKAA Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 11
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I submitted this thread in the multiplayer forum, since this happens while I play co-op. I haven't played the singleplayer campaign yet, so I do not know if this occurs there as well.

I have a problem when I am using Onager ships (Catapult ships), in a city siege. If I destroy a tower, the ship continues to shoot on the tower that was destroyed one more time, and this wastes precious ammunition.

I have tried to stop it from firing, but no luck. It seems when it fires the "killing shot" it loads another stone, and it's impossible to stop the action when this has happened. The only way to stop it from firing mutliple shots, is to click the stop button before it fires, then make it attack again if the shot misses, and contiune this cycle.

This takes a lot of time, and when attacking a settlement, one does not have such a luxury to follow up on all the ships at once.

When doing a ship battle, this does not happen. The ships fire once, and if the ship gets destroyed, it stops firing on that ship. However, if the ship you are attacking docks on the shore, your ship continues to attack just like on the towers.

This also happens with my friend I am playing the co-op with. We do not use mods.

I have only been playing as the Nordic factions, so I do not know if this applies to other factions as well, but since this is an issue with the mechanics of the ships, I believe it is an issue with all factions.
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  • CA_LunaCA_Luna Administrator Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,606
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    Hi TEKAA92, Thanks for letting us know - I will look into this for you =)
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