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Need advice from an Epirus-playing grandmaster of Rome 2 for HtH MP

Ouroboros226Ouroboros226 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 245
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Me and my coop-partner used to only play legendary in head to head, but we found the game to become too tedious, slow and frustrating. So we now only play very hard.

Anyways, I wanted to try something new. Mainly Epirus. However Epirus is by far one of the hardest starting factions. I consider myself a fairly good Rome 2 player but ****.... Epirus starting area is BRUTAL.

I need Epirus advice, but NOT advice from turn 25+. Once the start is secured I wont have problems. I only need advice for early/starting-game decision making and advice.

As epirus:

1: Best first-target for expansion?
2: Top "Do not!" and "Do!"'s of Epirus?
3: Best diplomatic and trade options?
4: Recommended starting research and construction?
5: Any general advice to make Epirus survivable

Thanks for any help! :)
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  • Ouroboros226Ouroboros226 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 245
    edited February 2015
    So they are that hard huh? .... That the halls of this forum for my lamentation is met with only silence? ;)

    No Epirus experts wanna chip in on key-points to early-game Epirus success? My last try ended in my 700 units vs 3000 spartan+athenian forces, it wasn't even a battle, it was a funeral.
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited February 2015
    You are on wrong forum, hence silence. This is multiplayer forum, meaning guys who fight against other players, not AI. We can give you tips about army composition and tactic, not so much about campaign stuff : )

    I've also played few campaigns but never something close to epirus. I can give you few short tips perhaps;

    Best way of conquering is obviously greece - same citizens, lowest public order problems, you can utilize buildings (occupy cities, don't raze them) and they are densly populated, rich provinces.

    Naturally this is also hardest way to expand, because they field similar armies.

    Otherwise it's easy for helenic factions - tons of pike levys and anamy cannot deal with pikes, they charge head on and suicide on them.

    Imo you have 2 options - You can choose to spread in ilyira and dacia, which would be much easier and later when you have enough cash try to conquer your greek neighbors but beware - they will expand and get stronger too.

    2nd option and imo best option, conquer greeks early. Use normal pikemen and thesallian cav to hammer/anvil them. Get plenty slings. Use mercenaries if necessery (just for battle, then disband immediately). Do it quickly and game will be breeze from there.

    Night battle general and some ambushes or fortified armies might be necessary.

    Trade partners - similar states that you won't expand on right away. Send one fleet to black sea and trade to greek colonies there (pontus, cimmeria, colchis, pergamon too)

    Later, after greece I would get creete and then illyria and then italy /syracuse. Safest and most interesting part. Always grab rich dense cities on coast. Forget vast steppe and similar big underdeveloped regions, well because it's vast, boring and poor ; )
  • Ouroboros226Ouroboros226 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 245
    edited February 2015
    Thanks for the reply, will try to use more merc play. I agree that taking greece early is a must for epirus, since sparta and Athens hate you :)

    The reason I asked on MP is because this is for a head to head game, and the AI tends to act different with 2 human players in the game? I guess that might be wrong and just due to random factors?

    Also asked in MP because with Head to Head game (MP), you dont get the single player faction quests as much I've noticed? Not sure if I'm wrong with this as welll :P But it seems in a MP HtH the "+2500 gold rewards" don't come as often?
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