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Best charge faction?

Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,529
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So what is your opinion on factions that rely on strong charge to mash their opponents?

Suebi have strange setup with their clubs and low weapon damage with some infantry bonuses, low armor and fear troops. They imo don't "function" as intended, still with their arevistas gen and frenzy troops their bonuses can stack insanely high. Good slings, good bows, solid raiding cav, strong meatshield troops and relatively cheap elite swords they have some strong points but their mainline infantry is quite fragile.

Odryisians are imo quite unreliable as well. They have excellent elite horses, like really great, even somewhat decent selection of cav/skirmish cav , good selection of skirmishers but desperately lack durable main line infantry.

Nervii seem most similar to "proper" barbarian faction. Yet, their fierce swords will mostly lose to their barbarian brethren and their special general is not as good as suebi's. I think this faction might possibly be underestimated. Once I saw it used (mean to say got defeated) by known high ranked player using these quite well.

I would put iberian factions here too. Lowish armor, frenzy and high attack or charge bonuses.

So, what is your stance on subject? Any experiences?

Just to mention that I did some tests with suebi and imo their best mid tier sword unit is bloodsworn with 1 or 2 silver chevrons. Beserkers are too much hit or miss, wolf warriors are essentially bloodsworn with frenzy, they kill much at start but later vet bloodsworn catch up on them and do better. They kill more then round shileds on same price. You can mix few fear units because of fear there too, but I'm not sure how does that thing stack...?
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  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
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    OK so I did few tests to help me in my dilemma.

    I did tests vs computer and usually on normal comp is 10-15% stronger then player so I took that into consideration.

    It's not perfect test but it's still representative somewhat and in any case better then nothing : )

    I mostly wanted to test mainline infantry and mid tier sometimes cheaper swords.

    Lustiniani vs Arevaci, All types of infantry (noble, mainline, cheaper) lustiniani seem to have noticable advantage.

    For test dummies I've used Averni: oath gen and usually single line of their chosen swords, not best but solid mainstay representative of barbarian armies. I would have used Romans but they don't deploy in single line like barbarians.

    Lustiniani will defeat Averni line easily. Their cheap women swordsmen are better then iberian swords (tested agains celtic warriors) but iberians have better ranged options and nasty iron pilla. I even think their nobles will defeat oath but can it be? I cannot remember well what happened there exactly but overall clean win for lustiniani.

    Suebi, I've used their bloodsworn with 2 silver chevron mainline - they will defeat averni line as well. Weirdly they will start worse then averni on charge (armor issues perhaps?) but later will succeed in turning tide to their favor. Their beserkers will kill more and are very cost efficient +fear but are gamble since they cannot be controlled often and are fragile due low numbers. Wolf warriors killed least and have proven to be worst in cost efficiency. If you wanna play suebi take something like 4 noble swords and 4 2 silver chevron bloodsworn to support. 2 Bersekers too.

    Nervii fierce swords will cleanly lose to averni main line. To my great surprise they seem like worst charge faction. I would never guessed it looking at their stats.

    Oh yes, just to mention, every unit that uses frenzy while fresh/active will do worse overall. Difference in kills in this scenario is cca 30 vs 40 after ability expired. So around 10 kills more which other unit will easily reach being less tired. I remember few Maximus tests where some iberian units did excellently using this ability but on fierce swords vs chosen I wouldn't recommend it.

    Lustiniani managed to defeat suebi nicely, both with and without ariovistus help on charge. It's no surprise because buffed bloodsworn have very similar stats to vet. shields, but bit worse. Difference was bigger then you would reckon looking solely at stats. Seems that very high melee defense helps iberians a lot.

    I still haven't tested odrysians, perhaps tomorrow.

    For now, Lustiniani take the trophy.
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