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Honda's Navy Academy[Video Guide's]

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Update two , There is a secret two videos coming , if you learned them well you will ....
*More Videos to come in the next couple of weeks, every feedback is welcome , and I will try to organize them in point*


Strengths and weakness for every ship.
Special Abilities secret.
Extra Tactic.
1080p Quality.
Custom Tyko sound track included.

A- Small Ships
*With small ships Naval warfare its all about Momentum.~Dr.MightySnake
1-Bow Kobaya

*If you want to set fire on the ship , you have 2 options;
1-Shooting against the wind direction or with it will result in the ship set on fire.
2-Shooting at the rear of the ship
other wise the ship won't set on fire
note: the more fire you set on the ship the faster the ship will surrender.(they will jump off the ship).

2- Matchlock Kobaya
Same as bow Kobaya except there using matchlock (no fire arrows).

3-Bomb Kobaya

Summary of Small ships:

*Keep them at a safe distance , they are not for build for boarding.
*use the special ability of speed, when extremely needed to run away from enemies medium and heavies.
*Hit and Run Tactic; hit with fire using what you have learned in the video guide, then backup to relode then come back again with the perfect timing to set fire.

B- Medium Ships


C-Heavy Ships


MP Player side by "The PM":
Multiplayer Naval Unit & Battle Guide

*Extra notes:

It's worth to mention that any routing ship can be boarded and captured instantly by any ship, even the bow kobaya, as long as you board fleeing ship (not red but white flag is required). No matter how much men are still on the enemy ship; it'll surrender regardless.~Holy.Death

**upcoming plans**
Connecting guides together using YouTube annotation
Naval Composition(Mainly campaign side)

Summary of Small ships
add upcoming plans"Naval Composition"
add Bomb Kobaya title
add Multiplayer Naval Unit & Battle Guide by "The PM"
add with the wind(to set on fire) thanks Holy.Death
2 Videos.....
-My Honorable threads :D
The solution to decrease Long loading times(and loading in general)
Honda's Navy Academy[Video Guide's]
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