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Slowmotion and timed Desync in Campaign Multiplayer

HunterSXHunterSX Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Multiplayer
Hey Guys!

ive made an account here to hopefully get some help from you (in advance, my english might not be that good :D ).

My Buddy and me were playing Attila together after the Patch in Campaign mode where we had 2 problems.
while i can play on High Details, his Computer is Rather Slow and he can only play on High Performance settings (but with good and stable FPS)

First: we have a huge slowmotion effect in Battles with big armies, tough none of us has FPS lags ( Units are Moving ridiculous slow, FPS are stable and we can scroll normally)
I don´t really search for a solution here, instead i would only like to know if its a Connection Lag or a problem with his CPU being to slow to calculate the Moving of the Units

Second: Even after the Patch, we sometimes have the problem after ending a Round on Campaing map to desync because my Computer has to wait for his to finish loading the turns of the AI.
Especially while turns of big Enemys (like eastern/western Roman empire) i´m getting the Message "Waiting for Player" because his computer still calculates their turns.
This Desync is (what i think) a result of my Computer, kicking him because of taking to long to load.
Is there any possibility (maybe in an .ini data) to let my Computer wait for him longer (maybe one minute instead of like 20-30 seconds)?

Until now, i haven´t found a thread here wich discussed the Problem i have (though i often read about normal desyncs).

Thanks in advance and have a good day!

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  • MadslaneMadslane Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited March 2015
    I think I have a very similar Problem.
    Coop village defense battle (played, not auto reolved) during the ai turn. After the battle which is synchron as far as we can tell my computer hast to wait for my friend with a lot of "waiting for players" meassages. Strangely also my friend gets this message even though he is 5-6 nations behind in the ai que proccesing.
    The we get the message player has left the game.
    This happens even if we swap savegames before the ai turn starts.
    It will NOT happen if we auto resolve the battle.

    We also have the same slowdown effect op mentioned
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