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Army builds

TheWraith90TheWraith90 MemberRegistered Users Posts: 39
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Hi, this question has probably been asked hundreds of times so apologies for that.
I am pretty new to playing online battles and would like to to hear what strong army builds and formations you guys use in multiplayer, in the 11.700 budget.
I have done internet searches but everything i come across is outdated.
I have been practicing as rome so would be interested to see what units you pick for them, aswell as other factions.

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  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
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    I was thinking in making multiplayer guide for rome 2 here on forums because quantity of newbies I have to kill every day is staggering. Rome is not faction I would recommend to newbie, yea they are tough but low charge bonus across the board forces you to know about minimizing charge bonuses - using terrain and meat shield to use them effectively. In short they will lose to common barbarian faction on open terrain. In forest however they are pretty much invincible.

    This is a typical balanced roman build. Take it against any army except barbarians. It works on any map but good skirmish units make it good on non flat - hilly maps. It has solid cav and skirmish component and still lot of decent swords. You can swap arrows with slings is you expect good skirmishers on other side (just swap principes for common legionares if yu lack some gold, or general for legatus) and take archers if you expect chariots or elephants.


    This is typical barbarian charge/balanced build, you can pull off something like this with many barbarian factions bacause bulk of units is same. Put sword units wider, 4 or 3 men deep lines (depending on map) If you get clean charge on enemy core you mostly win. It works out of box and it's no brainer.


    This is example of unit arrangement.


    Green are missiles. Black are mid swords, yellow are elite swords. Blue - cav. Flanks have cheap swords (violet) and spears(red). Use them to gain advantage on flanks, kill off levies or whatever with swords (like hastati or celtic warriors) and support your cav with levy /vigiles. Keep one cheap spear unit at back at all times(red in middle), never engage it. Protect your general and skirmish line with it till endgame.

    These are basics and will have to do for now. Oh yes, shield wall is good but issue it after initial charge bonus wore off (15 secs and more) and you have to re issue attack order on each unit (do it one at time) because it's bugged and units often contract if you just issue it for all /which is very bad.

    Formation attack use if you are against stronger infantry. Turn off against weaker and turn off sometimes in lategame if you need more attack and less defense. Never use formation attack and shield wall or hoplite phalanx orders together/they will contract and enemies will surround you - turn off formation attack before.

    And best advice is to watch some tournament battles on YT regularly, not to old vids mind you, and it will give you many good ideas how to play.

  • TheWraith90TheWraith90 Member Registered Users Posts: 39
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    What is a good faction for newbs to start practicing with?
    And i have been watching a tonne of youtube, any good youtubers i should check out that i might of missed?
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited March 2015
    Well, if you want to get good actually playing with as many factions as possible is probably best choice. If you want to learn how to play against something best way is to play with it for a while. I always have "fun" pick of a week faction that I try to play with. That faction changes regularly.

    However your faction pick should change according to map AND to faction your opponent is picking. For example if my opponent picks strong cavalry factions like parthia, armenia or even nomads, I will take counter army, with lots of slings, spears and fewer swords, OR same faction/army type to make things more fun.

    If you see one of top dog faction (boii, tylis or rome) you should probably pick one yourself. Sword spam can theoretically be countered by skirmish build but in practice it's very difficult and you have to be more skilled then your opponent to pull it off so easiest thing is to get sword faction yourself.

    Each faction has some strenghts and weaknesses and in learning about them is part of challenge. Odrysian kingdom, nervii, suebi and iberian facitons are charge factions, they have strong charge and high attack stats but relatively low armor. Eastern factions can field best skirmishers and horsemen. Every faction has that special little unit that is specific or efficient and can make big difference. Suebi have best and cheapest slingers, followed by iceni. Lustiniani cheap swords have best javelin and they can direct fire like missile units. Athena, syracuse and few more greek faction can field best mid tier spear unit in game - thorax hoplite that can take out even weaker mainline swords. If you see baktria, cimmeria, getae, parthia or armenia expect horse archers. If you see factions that can couse fear like suebi or egypt, strategist general might be a good choice. Adriaei have highest armor units in game. Helenic units are often used by newbies and often bring pikes. Armenia, macedon and epirus can field mid tier shock cav unlike other factions. Just to name few things that are good to know.

    I preferred Maximus channel because of lots of testing and useful information, like;

    Rome maps;

    Rome mechanics;

    Rome unit spotlight;


    Also, wolf of remus, TW academy;
  • TheWraith90TheWraith90 Member Registered Users Posts: 39
    edited March 2015
    Thanks for the links will check them out.
    And your advice has worked very well for me, i have won 7 out of my last 8 games using the builds and formation you gave me.
    I have a better understanding of what my units need to be doing.

    Just another quick question, how does charging work? not too sure where i need to be clicking to make a charge, also some tips on countering charging would be much appreciated.
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
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    It's no surprise - most of people simply don't know how to build an efficient core - I cringe when I see pretorian cav or triarii on roman side. Enemy gives me advantage of 20-30% of funds even before battle started. And quick battle now is infested with newbies. Proper army build should give you massive advantage right from the start.

    Charge works automatically. Double or single right click will do - units will charge and run for themselves even if they walk. Charge mechanics is crucial knowledge in this game. Thing is, units gain charge bonus on attack AND damage for whole 30 secs (declining though) so it can stack and determine faith of battle on start - if you have 90 units after charge wore off and he has 60 - he will lose even with better troops. That is why evocati will lose in clean charge of galatian legio, for example.

    Using cheap unit in front of your main line can be good - they will nullify enemy charge bonus, and eat javelins but it's not so simple - they will remove your charge bonus most often and your men won't fire javelins too. So it takes some practice - woods or slope for example will also reduce bonuses - that is why romans are strong in woods.

    Google for triple acies on YT - it's the way that roman arranged their troops before battle - paradoxically or not it works in this game as well because of same reasons - you can send fresh and less exhausted troops in battle when enemy charge bonuses already wore off. That is why roman compact box formation with several lines of sword infantry of various quality can work surprisingly well.
  • MoltenhardMoltenhard Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
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    Thanks for the tips, seems very usefull, gonna try the no brainer build for barbarians aswell :P
  • comiivcomiiv Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    If you like hellenic factions here are some builds on 11700 funds that can beat rome and barbarians if used properly:
    Macedon: 2 royal peltast, 4 thessalian cav, 4 slingers, 3 mercenary thracian warriors, 2 millitia hoplites and 5 pikeman
    I had many sucess with this build against barbarians but i say again,you must use it like Alexander did,hammer and anvil. Pikes hold enemy in center,thracians and agema peltast protect flanks,millitia hoplite protect you front from missiles or back of your army from enemy cav and thessalians are the hammer

    Athens: 2 picked hoplites , 2 veteran hoplites, 3 thorax hoplites, 4 tarantine cav, 4 slingers, 3 mercenary thracian warriors and 2 millitia hoplites. This build requires a lot of micro managment cos your main force of hoplites must be mobile and use false retreat while you hit enemy flanks with tarantine cav,supported by slingers in front.Millitia should protect you skirmishers and you can use them as bait for enemy archers cos they are cheap. Once you do a lot of dmg to enemy with missile troops press forward with hoplites.Important-TURN OFF formation attack,that will prevent barbarian inf to suround your units,if formation attack is on hoplites will try to stay in tight formation and that never ends well.One you charge on enemy with hoplites turn on phalanx,that will give your units huge def boost ,than charge with your thracian warriors behind hoplites to help them deal with eney swords.
    If anyone is interested i have a replay how to defeat oathsworn on 1 vs 1 with royal spartan and picked hoplite.Tests are done against AI in custom battle.
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