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How To Find Your Save Game Folder

DJVAnceDJVAnce Registered Users Posts: 10
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CA recommends trashing your saved games if you are crashing. Apparently these get corrupted. I'm not sure if oyu just need to trash one or all of them.

Anyway, some people have asked how to FIND the save game folder since CA doesn't explain.

Here is how you find the save game folder. Go to

1. Your hard drive. Open the

2. Users folder, then open the

3. "home" folder, which is NOT named "home." It has a different name on every computer. The name is whatever you named it when you got your mac, or when you installed your OS. It has your username name next to a little house icon. Usually it's named whatever your name in real life is. Then open the

4. Library folder.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your OS, you will probably NOT SEE the library folder. It's there, but it's hidden. Go to the "VIEW" menu in the finder, and select "Show View Options." A little window will pop up with check boxes. Put a check next to "show library folder." Now you can see the library folder inside your home folder. This is how it works on Yosemite. If that doesn't work for you, then do a google search for "how to find the library folder" and whatever OS X version you're using. That will tell you how to find your library folder. (BTW, there are several library folders floating around. You want the one in your home folder.

Then open the

5. The Creative Assembly Folder. Yes, they actually have the word "The" in front of "Creative Assembly." If your files are arranged alphabetically (and they usually are), then don't look under C, look under T. Then open the
6. Attila folder. Then open the
7. save_games folder.

And that's where your bug-ridden corrupted save game files are!

BTW, I was crashing and I did this and now it working. For the moment..... dun dun DUNNNN!
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