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Desync at turn 144 co -op

kennymack007kennymack007 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 8
edited April 2015 in Multiplayer
Hi had an issue at end turn on 144, on the huns turn it would say aborting game.

We relaunched and had same issue 3 times, then we tried the strategic view and actually got a resync option. The game resynced and loaded again, then desynced again on another faction. We resynced again.

On turn 145 I will keep this updated. I am playing the Geats and my friend is playing the Franks. We have most of the map uncovered via spies and the factions take about 20 to 40 seconds to take their turns.
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  • oledroleoledrole Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited March 2015
    Me and my friend got the same problem, but at round 100. we also get desync at HUNS. its very disapointing:(
  • MaeglinMaeglin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited April 2015
    We have had the same issue around Turn 140 - 145 and then we made it with some reloading of older saves till turn 178 but we are now really stuck. The game desyncs in the AIs turn so there is no option to solve it.

    Reading online I noticed there were many people having the same MP issues. We play the Geats and Jutes and the game stops after the Huns Turn.

    Seems the game has problems when Atilla arrives but maybe also when he dies?

    I really hope CA can solve this issue asap. :(
  • gly3608gly3608 Member Registered Users Posts: 109
    edited April 2015
    i have the same problem
  • gly3608gly3608 Member Registered Users Posts: 109
    edited April 2015
    I guess, as long as the game didn't reach 100+ turns ,the desyncs problem is tolerantable...
    First ,download EditSF 1.1.1


    Then,use it open the path

    C:\Users\User(or your user name)\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Attila\save_games_multiplayer
    Find your latest save,then open it.

    Then find any integer "101" ,change it to whatever you want ,which must be smaller than 100
    Attachment not found.


    Attachment not found.

    For example ,i change 101 to 61

    Then click save, then copy the autosave.save_multiplayer to your partner's computer,then cover the same catalog
    (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Attila\save_games_multiplayer)

    Then you can play again ! (until it reach 101 turns again ....then ,you know what to do ..)

    This change won't affact anything in the game, it didn't have anything to do with the years and the historial event~~


    Sorry for my poor English!!
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