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The complete list of Wonders (and their effects) for Total War: ATTILA

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Hello everyone, I've been working on a video detailing the effects, locations, and custom battle maps (if available) of all of the Wonders to be found in Total War: Attila, and decided to do a text dump of some of the information I've collected. It seems there isn't an easily Google-able list of these as of yet, so I've taken the liberty of compiling one myself.

In Attila, there are 15 wonders that confer factionwide bonuses once you've captured their host regions. A lot of these wonders seem to be holdovers from Rome II - but now with tweaked effects.

Here is a map detailing the locations of said wonders:


1. The Bam Citadel


Region: Behdesir of the Persis province
The greatest citadel ever built. All others pale in comparison.
Attrition: -10% when under siege (all armies and fleets)
Siege holdout time: +2 (double for city-ports) (all armies)

2. Ruins of the Colossus


Region: Rhodes of the Insulae Orientalis province
"To you, O Sun, the people of Dorian Rhodes set up this bronze statue reaching to Olympus."
Navy recruitment capacity: +1 (factionwide)

3. The Dolmens of Karnag


Region: Turonum of the Lugdunensis province
Swirled in mist and mystery these stones have much to tell.
Research rate: +3% for military developments (factionwide)
Growth: +2 (factionwide)

4. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


Region: Ephesus of the Asia province.

"A memorial of his own fame and of the sculptor's art."
Construction Cost: -3% (factionwide)
Tax Rate: +2% (factionwide)

5. Mount Argaeus


Region: Caesarea Eusebia of the Cappadocia province

Mount Argaeus, the highest mountain of all.
Campaign line of sight: +20% (all armies)
Campaign movement range: +5% for armies (all armies)

6. Mount Behistun


Region: Ecbatana of the Media Atropatene province
Temples may burn to the ground but mountains last forever
Research rate: +3% for military developments (factionwide)
Resistance to occupation: -20% (factionwide)

7. Mount Damavand


Region: Rhaga of the Media Atropatene province

Within the depths of this mountain lies a terrible monster.
Public order: +2 (factionwide)
Missile attack range: +5% for archer units (all armies and fleets)

8. Mount Etna


Region: Syracusae of the Magna Graecia province

Home of Hephaestus' mighty forge and prison of the monster Typhon.
Religious Influence: +10 Graeco-Roman Paganism
Waelth: +2% from agricultural and animal husbandry buildings (factionwide)

9. Mount Olympus


Region: Thessalonica of Macedonia province

Home of the gods and mightiest of mountains.
Religious influence: +10 to Graeco-Roman Paganism

10. Mount Vesuvius


Region: Neapolis of the Italia province
Those living in the shadow of Vesuvius respect its power.
Religious Influence: +10 to Graeco-Roman Paganism
Wealth: +2% from agricultural and animal husbandry buildings (factionwide)

11. The Necropolis of Rostam


Region: Stakhr of the Persis Province

Great men should never be lain to rest in the cold ground.
Morale: +3 (all armies)
Recruitment cost: -3% for land units (all armies)

12. Ruined Oracle of Amun Re


Region: Paraetonium of the Libya province

Only the worthy may hear the words of the Oracle.
Public Order: +1 (factionwide)
Resistance to occupation: -20% (factionwide)

13. The Pharos and Pyramids


Region: Alexandria of the Aegyptus province

May its light be a beacon when all other lights go out.
Construction Cost: -3% (factionwide)
Campaign line of sight: +20% (all fleets)
Wealth: +5% from maritime commerce (factionwide)

14. Pillars of Hercules


Region: Hispalis of the Baetica province
Tingis of the Mauretania province

You recieve a bonus when you capture either of these regions, as this Wonder is on either side of the Strait of Gibraltar. Whether or not this effect stacks when you own both, I cannot say.

Great pillars created by the might of Hercules.
Campaign movement range: +5% for navies (all fleets)
Recruitment cost: -3% for naval units (all fleets)

15. Stonehenge


Region: Corinium of the Britannia Superior province

"Their legacy remains, hewn into the living rock of Stonehenge."
Research rate: +3% for civil developments (factionwide)
Public order: -20% penalty due to presence of other religions (factionwide)

Honourable mentions:

These Wonders are not Wonders as such, but mere curiosities that reside on both the campaign and battle maps. They don't confer any effect, and cannot be interacted with in any way. I thought they deserve a mention!

Temple of Zeus at Olympia
No effect, yet represented on campaign and battle map.

Hadrian's Wall
Present on battle map (outside battlefield, however) and present on campaign map.

Anyway, I hope you found this information useful. Sometimes these bonuses are enough to sway the direction of your conquest.
Also, annoyingly, it seems the Mts. Etna, Olympia, and Vesuvius convert your province (localised) to Graeco-Roman paganism to the end of time... Can we tear them down? Ha

You can keep an eye on my channel for the aforementioned video, though I'll probably post a link anyway once it's released:
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