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Game is absolutely broken!

fruhlinginaparisXIIfruhlinginaparisXII Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Multiplayer
I cant play **** multiplayer because of this ******** DESYNC ISSUE!!! I try to play quick battle and right when It starts DESYNC. Fix this **** or tell me how to fix this ****. Sorry for my rage :P I'd just like to play a game that I PAID for.:mad:
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  • MSIOCGenieMSIOCGenie Member Registered Users Posts: 70
    edited April 2015
    Next time, do like I did. Don't buy the game until it is finished. I will be buying Attila on some coming sale, IF they fix these issues. Vote with your wallets people, CA cannot be allowed to continue like this.
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