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In H2H campagin ,who gains the HUNS' help will absolutely win the campagin..

gly3608gly3608 MemberRegistered Users Posts: 109
edited April 2015 in Multiplayer
We can't do anything but to send money to HUNS and make peace to ask him to attack each other ,because he can cheat so he is too powerful,conparing to any other country...And because the HUNS' trait is caprice,he just receive the money and attack another player,even he is alliance to you .

At least ,make the huns less caprice in multiplayer campagin,so the game won't become the game of Conpetition of who gives HUNS more money every turn to make HUNS attack another player ~

This problem won't exsit in the Single player campagin because their isn't another player exsit,so you may lack of thinking the problem before design this game...

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING my poor english...~~~ This problem is confusing me ...
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