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Known Issues



  • LinkeLinke Senior Member Posts: 821Registered Users
    edited September 2015
    Terry crashes a few seconds after I start. I just had a fresh install of the AK and did the ak/rawdata/terrain/battles thing with bob
  • FaridusFaridus Junior Member Posts: 3Registered Users
    edited October 2015
    I had posted this elsewhere, but I think this is the appropriate thread. Sorry for the double post!

    I have just reverted to Patch 2.1 and I seem to have some issues with the Assembly kit. When I load tables with Tweak, they seem to be from Patch 3 or higher.
    TWA 2.1 does not have bel_ entries, only att_.
    So whenever I mod tables with Tweak/DAVE then export them and use BOB to create the pack, the game freezes on startup.

    On the other hand, does anyone know which table I need to use to change unit in game name?
  • CernunnosCernunnos Junior Member Posts: 11Registered Users
    Hi, I have just started to us the Attila Assembly Kit. My first problem is when I reopen the assembly kit I do not get those extra windows (which we are told to put behind the assembly kit, or move them onto the second monitor ( which I do not have)). I need these to measure the length of the measuring tape, as well as other things. I have looked for them but, however, I cannot find them. Is there a way to bring them back?
    Also I do get CTD every now and then.

    If you could please help me with these problems, it would be appreciated.
  • Quintus_PetilliusQuintus_Petillius Senior Member Posts: 142Registered Users
    I had that problem too cernunnos I think I solved it by deleting the app cache for the assembly kit and then reinstalling Ted through steam.
    Steam ID: Quintus_Petillius_Cerialis
    Steam maps
  • XmotherXXmotherX Posts: 3Registered Users
    I'm having a problem:

    When i start BoB it takes years to load and i have to wait like 20min

    Another problem is when i start posing and when i start the game. I hear sounds but after a while my computer turns off

    anybody know how to fix this problem?
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