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Assembly Kit - List of Bugs

Mr_JMr_J Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 296
edited July 2015 in Assembly Kit
I've gathered all bugs I have found in current version of Assembly Kit. I hope such huge list will help us to get new hotfix/patch?

1. Save as Battlefield in TEd doesn't work (Doesn't matter how much times you hard reinstall AK).
2. BOB doesn't proceed:
- *.bone_table;
- building .CS2 files in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\art\battle\land\models\architecture\eastern, rules.bob file has "[Building]" rule set in that folder but it doesn't help to proceed building.
- Ships in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\art\battle\naval\models\ships can't be converted as well. Also there's missing rules.bob file;
- neither textures nor models in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\art\campaign and all files within this folder (probably incorrect or missing rules.bob);
- some of db-tables in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\db (in bob it's called database) (for example, animation_categories.xml, ambient_battlefield_objects.xml etc.).
3. .max files in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\VariantMeshes\VariantModels\man contain wrong/missing animation. Wrong animation looks like death but .max doesn't contain neither animation tracks nor animation timeline keys.
4. .max files in Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\VariantMeshes\VariantModels\man and Total War Attila\assembly_kit\raw_data\art\battle\land\models\architecture\eastern have missing materials in Material Editor(I suppose it has to be DirectX Shader). When I add DirectX Shader and select Attila shader *.fx I don't have custom attribute value so I can't convert my models without using materials from Rome2's AK.
5. If you Save your tile/battlefield in TEd (without clicking "Save as Battlefield" but just Ctrl+S) and proceed all your custom tile/battlefield files saved from TEd and put it in .PACK file, I can't see my battlefield/tile ingame.

So, in fact we can't have own custom buildings ingame, we can't have own campaign map models ingame, we can't have custom settlements/tiles ingame, we can't convert our .cs2 external models without using R2's AK (because of missing custom_attribute), we can't have our own custom ships.
Probably this is not the whole list as I didn't test Terry 'coz of 1 FPS.
Please, don't drop assembly kit for Attila at this stage, release at least one more working fix otherwise the time you've spent on creating TEd and some new features like building conversion is just time wasting..
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