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Reviving Takeda Clan (FuRinKaZan)

TakedaShingenTakedaShingen MemberRegistered Users Posts: 77
Hi all,

Recently back playing S2TW after a three year break with my (unfortunately) reset-to-zero general, and have decided to open up our old clan to new members.

Clan name: Takeda Clan (FuRinKaZan)

We had quite a strong clan back in the day of honorable long time TW players who really enjoyed the old clan competition.

I will accept all members who
- want to have fun in a friendly environment
-want to perfect their MP skills
- are respectful of other players
- are in the clan for the long haul

Hopefully with that in mind, we can have some good clan activity and arrange some MP tourneys. For new players, it will be a chance to skill up and vet your warriors over time.

Feel free to apply to the clan page here:



"Move as swiftly as the wind, stay as silent as the forest, attack as fierce as fire, and have undefeatable defense like a mountain."
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