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How does Rome 2 Multiplayer compare to Shogun 2

IndigoGoIndigoGo Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 30
I have played Shogun 2 Multiplayer quite a bit, it has not just multiplayer campaign, but Avatar Conquest, including many side features.

Does this game have any of that? Is the Multiplayer campaign different in any way? Is their Avatar Conquest? Does it Work? A thing I find that makes Shogun 2's multiplayer balanced (Not FotS!) was that everyone basically had the sameroster. So how does all this work in Rome 2? Explain is zeh gratist detale plis!
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  • GamgeeGamgee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,908
    edited July 2015
    No its a simple skirmish mode at least for battles. There is no avatar conquest.

    Head to Head and CO-OP are back and for any of the many campaigns.

    There are still a few good or better factions, but otherwise it's mostly balanced if you know how to play. There are a few sub-par faction but that's a given when there's so many. This is in skirmish fights. In head to head things can be different and I'm not too familiar with that mode.

    Rome 2 does have a large player base. The current largest of any TW.
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