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My wish about patch 17

afdariafdari Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
I heard new patch will come, and i want to propose about mp balance. I think some may said by many...

1 Fix behavior and status of pike unit
Since Emperor Edition, pikemen became the most worthless unit. Incresed HP led to the decrease in risk when melee inf escaped from pikemen. I manage engage by all costs, houwever, opponent (include me, of course) can withdraw and regroup wih ease.Also their offencives are often halted and playing "funny war"(I turn off the formation attack but it seems not to be thorough). I say, pikes nowadays can earn kills only when standing steady, but WHO will engage from front against them?

I know many players dislike pike box and I hate too. But no one object that pharanx was one of the main factor of ancient Mediterranean world.We can play current version's stuffy swordsmen combat of Romans and Celts (mainly Boii and Tylis) even in Medieval2 or Shogun 2 (and Attila... oh that was a cavalry game...), is it needed in this title?? I'm sad to see they are expected only as a movable stakes or tools for corner camping (and defend missile inf by "LEVY PIKEMEN", the others are absolutely needless!) So please raise their melee attack and HP a little and fix their moves more certainly.

2 reduce the limit of mercenary missile unit
Elite missile unit(Cretan Archer, Rhodean Slinger, Syrian Archer, Balealic Slinger) are another tool for camper.Making them limit is good idea for me, but max 3 is a bit surplus.Every Mediterranean faction has 2 type of them, so max 6 in total.Their missile damege are enough high to get rid of some medium infantries before it approaches.
I supporse max 2 for them, and limit regular ones too(Seleucid, Cimmeria, Arevaci and Lusitani... max 4?).

3 reduce Ammunition or make limit Thureo Spears type infantry
Thureo Spears have normal javelin, that is good historical idea. But spam of them is unexciting for me because such players are sooo simple (just camping or rushing). One of my ieda is to reduce their ammunition by 2, another is to make limit for them. Historically, they were minority due to heavy attrition for their task.

4 make difference of pilm
Damege of pilms in Rome 1 was various. It is natural to make difference between levy and very-well-trained ones.In Rome 2, it is equal in bad meaning. Especially in lower fund battle, massive hastati or same class unit army is so effective against hellenic faction. Pikemen can be dissapeared from several unit's pilm, same thing happens against cavalry, just order some of them to charge and throw. And untill they use all their pilm, continue running like guerilla warfare. These levy units are best cost-effective ones in some situation. Divede it into some plz.

5 more love for some faction
factions around Black Sea are too weak in huge fund battle. Add thorax Pike and Swords, Cretan Archer for Pergamon, Heavy Cav for Cimmeria(It faces against nomads but their cavs are weak ones only??), Armoed Horse Archer for Colchis. Pontic unit should be stronger (all of them except chariot are much worse than neighbors) or add some neighbor's unit.
Odrysian infantry...its only good point should be improved.
Revive Suebi's moral shock tactic again.(they often be dempened for their weaker status)
Ardiaei... needless to say (hoplites only faction is really f<censored>.)

BTW The offical modification of pre Emperor Edition balance for mp?

Sorry for my sooo long text. I hope some of them are accepted.
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