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Should I buy this?

Bane1020Bane1020 Senior MemberPosts: 231Registered Users
edited July 2015 in SHOGUN: Total War
Hello forums! I am a huge fan of total war, having owned all the ones on steam before the current re-release of the first 2 classics. But i am skeptical, should i buy them, or not? Tell me about your opinions on the game and the experiences you had with it, so it can help me make up my mind
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  • EmperorOfRomeEmperorOfRome Senior Member Posts: 594Registered Users
    edited July 2015
    Yeah, I think it would be a good buy for you. You can see how Total War started, and they are absolutely not bad! I enjoyed out of the two Shogun the most, but if you were a big a fan of Medieval 2, medieval 1 should be also a good buy. They are both cheap also! But, too be honest, I found Shogun 2 better than Shogun 1, so if you dont have shogun 2, I would buy that one instead.

    But if you have Shogun 2, you will notice many songs which are also in Shogun 2! Also, some factions like the Hojo and Oda are in the game, just like in Shogun 2! The combat is a bit different, now you drag lines with your left mouse click, not your right mouse click, and you cant zoom, and I needed to get used to that before I could play properly. Also, it is more a bit "risk" movement at the campaign. You move your armies by dragging them to a province which is in range.

    I havent played much of med 1, so cant tell much about that.
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  • Bane1020Bane1020 Senior Member Posts: 231Registered Users
    edited July 2015
    Ah cool, thanks for the reply!
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