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Lists of Wars That Would Be Good For NTW Mods

deathpunk187deathpunk187 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2015 in Napoleon: Total War
Even though the Napoleonic wars by themselves were pretty interesting but the wars that happened in Europe afterwards and before them were equally interesting.

Even though there's already a mod for WW1 the war over all is being placed at the top of the list and also while the war before it which ultimately cemented Prussian/German military supremacy on the continent of Europe but the Franco-Prussian war isn't exactly very interesting even if it was the war that layed down the border lines for the great war, so the Franco-Prussian war goes somewhere on the fourth or third spot on the list.

The third war or should I say wars that makes a spot on the list more actually in the middle of the list which is the Silesian wars which were multiple wars between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire over the region of Silesia which both ended in Prussian victory.
But anyways enough about my opinions what are your opinions on what wars should become mods for Napoleon Total War?
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