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Patch 3 review

vittoitalyvittoitaly Registered Users Posts: 6
edited September 2015 in Mac & Linux Support
Hi CA,

i've always been a great Total War fan, but after the release of Attila i'm very disappointed..

first of all, in my opinion, it is UNACCEPTABLE that after the 3rd patch you still haven't addressed the MOST common thread in this forum: 90% of the 2015 Mac users can't launch/use the game from steam, Attila works only through Terminal by going to this folder or it crashes /Users/
/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Total War Attila/Attila.app/Contents/MacOS

it is unacceptable as well that you also launched a game that takes to MOST of the Mac users 8-10 minutes (being generous) to complete a turn!! while on PC around 30 secs... just don't say it's compatible with Mac then...

also what i'm very disappointed as well is the total lack of support, i've emailed for these 2 issues so many times and they promised me that in september this was going to be solved... i tried every possible solution but i start to feel that this 2 issues haven't even been reported then (since all around the forum it seems that these 2 are the main problem of Attila for Macs)

any solutions that you came across regarding these? my system requirements are completely fine for this game.

thanks in advance for the help, maybe this time...

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