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Missing some imported RII building files Greeks

Doomon15Doomon15 Junior MemberPosts: 60Registered Users, Cakes!
edited October 2015 in Assembly Kit
So the imported model packs i got from RIIs model2.packs for TEd have a lot of buildings but some are actually missing or I cant seem to find them and these are some Greek buildings that are essential for one of my next maps and more to come. The missing buildings are for the Greeks so far at the moment and are:

Greek agora buildings / colonades (orange roof ones)

Greek apartment blocks (orange roof ones)

and Greek temples (orange roof ones)

basically all these variants and thier missing orange roofs ( the homeland Greek models)
so yea you kinda get the point, some sample pics of these missing buildings as well http://imgur.com/GHzjB7s, http://imgur.com/dh5CMf0.

so yea can somone plz help me find these or tell me how they can be added?

oh yea also I just wana know how we can access things like the Rome II pool models as well cause they too look quite nice.

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