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Total War: WARHAMMER Dev Blog – Chaos Warriors, Pre-orders and DLC



  • drake1610drake1610 Registered Users Posts: 239
    Another post?
    Let me tell you opinion
    Dlcs let players know that the game is still alive and being constantly supported by the developers which increase the replayablility to the game.
    Devs can't make everything at once in the first release and without dlcs the game is like **** dead no one will play after some months.
    With higher graphic and details it cost more resources to create game these days which increase the price of products which is understandably for dlcs to be higher price than in the past.
  • LuciferLucifer Registered Users Posts: 2,177
    Personally I'm not too bothered about dlc and expansions being offered. While they first give us the platform and a workable game with a bunch of factions and quests for each one. What irks me is the fact those who pre-ordered and having already made their decision to buy the game in whatever state it came. Thus, got shafted and made to wait a month so some people on youtube and other outlets get to play it. That said, I don't have to buy dlc or expansions if I don't want to.

    It's a choice, and let us not start by saying all factions and races should already be in the game because then we'd still be waiting for the release in two years time. :/

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  • LuciferLucifer Registered Users Posts: 2,177
    peggyvi said:

    This dead horse has been beaten so much i'm impressed they can even find a corpse to beat anymore..

    As a necromancer, that is the easy part. Hell, you can beat on that thing all day. >:)

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  • WarlockeWarlocke Registered Users Posts: 4,083
    I didn't feel taken advantage of by the DLC practices for Rome II, or Attila.
  • LuciferLucifer Registered Users Posts: 2,177
    Warlocke said:

    I didn't feel taken advantage of by the DLC practices for Rome II, or Attila.

    Me either. I still play and enjoy both of them games. :)

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  • icenii#1768icenii#1768 Registered Users Posts: 1,374
    Cagen5 said:

    Let me start by saying that I a extremely hyped for this game. Not only am I a huge Total War series fan but also a Warhammet fan. I think I am not the only one who already knows that this is going to be built around DLC.

    Right out of the gate you need to preorder to get one of the Main factions from warhammer, chaos. Ok I"ll bite. But where does it end.

    With warhammer there are tons of possibilities for faction DLC, hero DLC, unit DLC. Let's not forget their already default sucker the consumer into Blood and Gore DLC.

    I guess what is really important here is when do we as consumers stop letting companies get away with being so damn money hungry? Why is it taboo to expect to actually receive complete games with many of the features they already know we want upfront? They already suckered us through previous titles in the series by coming out with new features, but why is it not acceptable to implement that in future titles? BECAUSE we allow them to. Their focus is now to make their DLCash cow games over and over. I am not trying to divert anyone from the game, and I am absolutely going to purchase it. What I do want to do is dissuade them from trying to nickel and dime the crap out of the consumer for desired gameplay they already know we want. As a community we need to express that this isn't ok. They did it in rome 2 with blood and gore and then attila needed the same damn new DLC. DLC needs to be major content and new features never seen before. Stop trying to soak up money from BS Re-skins and previous improvements from other games that we already expect.

    You say this as if it's a bad thing!!!!!

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  • Setrus#7519Setrus#7519 Registered Users Posts: 18,845

    Yawn another rant thread breaking forum terms and conditions about buisness practice. Close pls.

    I kind of agree. I mean I get the need to debate the topic, but the horse is a fine red mist now.

    Anyyyway. Since CA has said that Chaos Warriors are pre-order incentive, and that you know that any dlc in the future will cost money, I don't really understand the complaints.

    Sure, post the funny picture with Mona Lisa being sold in pieces later on, or why not the one with the burger, but fact of the matter is that you're TOLD, right from the start, that you're being sold this piece of Mona Lisa, not the whole part. (Actually, you are being sold the whole part and they make more stuff to add to it, but lets go with the bull being true for the fun of it. )
    Now, if you buy this piece of the painting, this bread of the burger, having been TOLD what it is...why the HELL are you complaining about there being no smile or meat? Why!? You clearly thought it worth it enough to buy it, and then even to buy the extra bits...so clearly it was worth it?
    Don't worry.
  • ChassitChassit Registered Users Posts: 74

    Warlocke said:

    I didn't feel taken advantage of by the DLC practices for Rome II, or Attila.

    Me either. I still play and enjoy both of them games. :)
    Same here!
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 41,070
    Similar threads merged.

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  • Atherian1Atherian1 Registered Users Posts: 32
    I dont get it ... you need money to make chaos warrior a DLC and AI in the game .... but you were advertising them as DLC even before i heard about a release date for the full game .. Also chaos must've been in concept from the begining for you to be able to bring out such an early trailer for the DLC promo , so you had to have used resources to create chaos before you would've had the chance to get any money from pre orders . hypothetically what would have happened if nobody pre ordered the game? would you still have a a chaos warriors DLC made ?? Does it also mean that on release day that the price of the game will drop seeing as you are no longer eligible for chaos warrior pre order bonus? because if it doesnt .... doesnt that mean people who pre order the game get the DLC for free??

    The game is £39.99 on steam with pre order bonus.... regardless if you CA recieve the money sooner due to pre orders rather than people waiting for it to be released then buying it ..without you having it being more expensive when pre ordering DLC .. how are you covering for the cost of the chaos warriors DLC ??

    i dont know if people will understand what i mean as i have trouble getting what i say in my head onto paper so to speak but ill try to explain . If the price of the game remains £ 39.99 after release does that mean that the DLC was either free for pre orders ... or... does it mean that the cost of the DLC is being included in the £39.99 price regardless .. tehcnically meaning your paying for the DLC twice if you then proceed to buy chaos warriros after release ??
  • agodelianshockagodelianshock Registered Users Posts: 3
    I'm sorry for the hate I just left to SEGA in that case. It's easy to misinterpret greed vs need in this industry with many of the big companies that have been poisoning the well lately. At any rate, I appreciate the communication and you just earned your way to my favourite studio. I will probably also be pre-ordering to show support but I'm not exactly financially stable so it may have to wait. I arrived a bit late to the total war party but after playing your master collection, I am a massive fan, I also played WARHAMMER as a kid so I am super pumped for it. I also don't know if anybody working on halo wars 2 is reading this but I'm excited for that as well, even if you diverge from the total war formula (it's nice to switch it up, staying truer to the first iteration is also important.) all in all, kudos for all aspects of the way you are operating, even if it ends up bankrupting me.
  • koprokopro Registered Users Posts: 1
    Im finding u full of **** tbh. We are not "only money". Thats what u exactly are. I never heard of any other company that have excluded one of the most important faction/characters of a famous brand and made it a dlc. Your franchise is getting more n more like Call of Duty franchise with tons of dlc. You even released a blood pack dlc(!)

    If you are bound in the main budget to 4 player races then your choices should have been CHaos, Empire, Dwarf, greenskins. and put in vampire counts as dayone dlc. But if you had done that, how many would have preordered?

    Well lets see if next Counter-Strike game will include Terrorists in it or maybe they will follow ur policy and make me pay xtra for it, or if they release a new red alert we can pay xtra for the russian army.

    None the best to you and your game, bye

  • TshcktallTshcktall Registered Users Posts: 1
    I just registered, to let CA know, that i'm not going to buy their games anymore. And i'm not against DLC's in general, if it's done right. Bye.
  • tacgnol06tacgnol06 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited June 2016
    My biggest issue isn't that Chaos wasn't included at launch, but the practice of bundling them as a pre-order bonus and making everyone else pay for it. Despite what is stated in the OP, I believe the best choice would have been to hold off on Chaos for a week or two and charge EVERYONE for it instead of encouraging everyone to take part in the extremely risky and downright shi- er, "shifty" practice that is pre-ordering. That way players would be less likely to associate Chaos with the full $60 package. After all, no one threw a fit when Dawn of War II initially didn't include Chaos. It's psychology. But no, you guys got greedy. Gotta recoup the money NOW, reputation be damned.

    I'm waiting for the Steam sale, because I don't like this idea that I'm being monetarily penalized for not pre-ordering.
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