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Any mod that fixes diplomatic mess?

Amilcar BarcaAmilcar Barca Senior MemberSomewhere around the Universe... (where did you think?)Registered Users Posts: 557
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Hello all. I have been witout playing ETW for almost a year and several days ago I decided to give it another try. Very early, I started feeling again one of the reasons why I quit playing long ago: diplomacy is a total mess in the game. On turn after starting a game as Spain, I was declared war by the Netherlands. Next turn, by Savoy and Italian States. After defeating all of them, the UK, Geneve, Venice and several indian nations have declared war on a few turns. I can fight them off, but It´s absolutely unrealistic for a XVIII century game things like these (italian minors declaring Wars on their own against a major?). Apart from that, being at war poses you the problem of letting them an easy peace or eat them. If you eat them, the problem is that the game turns boring really early, because you become a giant. If you don´t eat them, it feels all your victories are hollow, because most nations won´t accept anything but peaces, or peaces with token demands for me (so no real benefits).

All in all, diplomacy was clearly one the reasons this game was a bluff, IMHO. Do you know about any mod that “fixes” these things?

Thank you.
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  • ColfaxColfax Senior Member GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 969
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    I've never played Spain. What level are you playing on? I think the diplomacy does seem unrealistic. However, in my campaigns as France, England, Prussia and Russia, on VH campaign, i never felt like I was fighting the whole world. I do find the war of Austrian succession to be a bit hokey. I was playing as France and Austria went to war with me as Loius XIV died. That was a big laugh. The real war started because France would not Recognize Maria Theresa's accendcy to the throne of Austria.

    All in all, I don't think its terrible. Perhaps try darth mod.
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  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,194
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    Firstly, you are playing Very Hard. This has a big effect on AI factions declaring war. Very Hard level difficulty is not balanced for realistic behaviour, but to make it harder for the player.

    However, there are a few mods to diplomacy that I use. One I made myself that slightly tones down the Territorial Expansion penalty, and makes it go away faster. It sounds like you have been doing a lot of conquering in a short space of time, and so I imagine you have racked up a huge Territorial Expansion penalty, causing the rest of the world to hate you.

    The second change I have made myself is to alter the War! penalty so that it slowly decreases over time. This means that if you (or any other faction) ends up in a war where they never actually fight the other faction (for instance an ally goes to war alongside you against the Marathas, but has no presence in India and so doesn't fight) the penalty will eventually go away, and you should be able to negotiate peace without too many problems. Both of these changes I made by modding the 'diplomacy_attitudes' table. I can either link you to a tutorial, or make you a small mini mod with these changes, up to you.

    The other mod I downloaded from TWC, and it alters a couple of values so that minor factions have to be stronger (or consider themselves to be stronger) in order to declare war on a major faction. Here is the link: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=273322&highlight=TROM+AI+improvement

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  • Amilcar BarcaAmilcar Barca Senior Member Somewhere around the Universe... (where did you think?)Registered Users Posts: 557
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    Thank you Dyonisius. That was very helpful.
  • #492297#492297 Registered Users Posts: 2
    i will post in EVERY forum, to show that diplomacy in this game is idiotic
    i tried this game, everyone loves it, "mostly positive" in Steam and so on everywhere
    BUT: diplomacy sucks, faction "hostile" to me from start, but no war yet, BUT faction ask "trade agreement", this is idiotic
    and they ask me about it EVERY turn, this is annoying
    "quality assurance" team slept during this? or did not existed?
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