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MP campaign first turn drop

AlannonAlannon Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 7
edited December 2015 in Multiplayer
I've been trying to play Attila with my friend for a while now. Battles work flawlessly, however the campaign does not. When we finish our turns and its AI time, it cycles through most factions but inevitably gets stuck at one with a message "waiting for player". After waiting both of us drop out. Factions are sometimes random, mostly depending, as I understand it, on whom we play.

Only once did we manage to get past that, when I played burgundians and he played ERE. When the AI turn ended, we were so happy that decided to rehost to play a more suitable factions, and then encountered that issue again.

Want to also add that I had and have no problem whatsoever playing with another friend of mine.

Both me and my friend tried reinstalling the game, verifying game cache. Playing with the mods and without. Nothing helps and we always get the "waiting for player" at the first turn to no avail. I checked the previous topics, there was one guy with a similar or the same issue, but he received no response. I'd like some help here because I bought the game for my friend to play with him and it sucks because I can't. Rome 2 plays fine with him, same for Shogun 2. We had great fun there. But Attila just won't. Heelp!


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