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I can't run Medieval 2 Total War

juvefanjuvefan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Medieval II: Total War
Hi everyone,
I've encountered rather annoying problem. I can't launch Medieval 2 Total War game. Game's original of course, other applications seem to work properly. Windows 7 is the operating system and the game used to work on this computer and system before. I also did some research on this matter before with no effect, that's why I'm posting this. When I'm trying to start the game I recieve an error: "Please login with administrator privileges and try again". I am an administrator. I also tried all the obvious solutions like: run as administrator or differenet compatibility settings and when I do that, NOTHING happens, no errors, just like I didn't take any action. Task manager doesn't show any game process. Has anyone encountered such problem or have any idea how to solve it?

thank you for any help


  • ConjurerDragonConjurerDragon Registered Users Posts: 8
    Did you perhaps not un-install game completely when it was installed the last time?
    If there are remnants of the old installation (e.g. in the registry) the game might be confused.
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