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Rise of the Vikings: The Great Heathen Army (865).

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Rise of the Vikings: The Great Heathen Army (865) is a mod I am planning to make for the Age of Charlemagne DLC.


The following is the faction list (WIP):

Danish Faction:

The Great Heathen Army:
Ivar the Boneless
Halfdan Ragnarsson
Ubba Ragnarsson
Bjorn Ironside
Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye

The Sons of Ragnar Lothbrok and other bloodthirsty Scandinavian Jarls, these men are hungry for plunder. A horde faction just off the coast of East Anglia, with 3 decent stacks. Upon the capture of York they become the Kingdom of Jorvic. Good infantry diversity but no cavalry.



Saxon Factions:

Originally conquerors of Britain, they are now under threat from invaders themselves. Namely from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, these men are bloodthirsty and continue to worship the Old Gods of the Saxon's forefathers. Saxons have an average, all round roster with some particularly good heavy infantry.


A kingdom in the south of England, they are rising in strength. Wessex are also able to access "Burh" Troops; an improved and standing army version of the Fyrd.


A large kingdom in the centre of England, their power is waning. They must protect their borders from the encroaching Danish invaders as well as the Welsh and perhaps even Wessex!


A formerly powerful kingdom formed by the joining of Bernicia and Deira, they face the might of the Great Heathen Army, as well as Pictish and Scottish raids from the North.



Welsh Factions:

Before the Saxons invaded, these men held all of Britannia. Experts at guerilla warfare, these men can deploy anywhere on the battlefield. Light units, but many with precursor javelins. Expert archers that can do serious damage to unprepared enemies with the ability to strike from anywhere.

Rhodri Mawr

A kingdom growing in power under their king Rhodri "The Great", and having come to inherit the Kingdom of Powys, they suffer from viking raids as well as saxon excursions. They fight fiercely for their independence and excel at guerilla warfare. However they have few warriors sufficiently equipped to deal with the heavy infantry of the saxons and danes and require a wise commander to lead them to victory.

Hywel ap Rhys

A small kingdom in the south of Wales, They are at the mercy of their saxon neighbours as well as their fellow welsh.



Irish Factions:

Kingdom of Ailech:
Áed Findliath mac Néill

Kingdom of Connochta:
Mugron mac Máel Cothaid

Kingdom of Meath:
Donnchad mac Aedacain

Kingdom of Ulaid:
Cathalán mac Indrechtaig

Kingdom of Munster:
Cenn Fáelad hua Mugthigirn

Scottish Factions:

Kingdom of Alt Clut:
Artgal mac Dumnagual

Kingdom of Alba:
Constantín mac Cináeda
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