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  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,712
    Since Editing doesn't work proper, I will write the Update for Lore of Death here since it does also contain general Informations.
    Speaking of Which:
    Miscast is in the game and does do damage. While I was always against the concept, having the TT in mind, it seems that they turn it down quite a bit, even thou I didn't saw direct numbers.
    Also it appears no to instant killing from it, which makes the whole thing probably capable enough to not be to offsetting.


    We finally have seen the energy "ball" and that it is recharging during battles. I never read a max. number of energy, but we do see the first time ever cost of spells.

    This shows that spells like the Purple Sun (cost 15) take half of all energy.
    Which does give us a sense of what we can unleash, if we are patient enough.

    But without further ado, lets get to the spells:

    Spirit Leech:

    Cost 7, has a cooldown of 19. Not the cheapest spell, but you should be able to cost it quite frequently.

    Fate of Bjuna:

    Cost a quite bit more with 13 and has a bigger cooldown with 40. It seems to be the "bigger" gun on youtr death lore arsenal.


    Aspect of the Dreadknight:

    The cheapest with only 4 and with 16 seconds relative fast aviable.
    Funny enough that daren used it for the +leadership and not in a attempt to break enemy units with "fear".

    And of course:

    The purple Sun of Xereus:

    Cost with 15 the highest encountered in the video, as expected and the longest cooldown with 42, as expected.
    Pretty close to Bjuna thou, despite to seem far more effective.
    And while it did seem very effective, it is worth to point out that Darren was kicking puppies, he could have destroyed in melee as well.
    Thou there are a interesting observation:

    You see not just the pretty cool effect, but that the point he aimed, was not the point he got, which means that these kind of spells do keep they random effects and is probably the reason Darren was kicking puppies and not using it close to the main line.

    A other Note:
    Direct Damage Spells, appear to be "direct" in the sense that they effect 1 unit only, no matter how many models that unit has. Which changes the dynamic of those spells quite a bit if correct.
  • SetrusSetrus Senior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 18,714
    A good analysis, SiWi! :)

    These spells seem, even the direct damaging one, to be very much about support. One wouldn't expect that from the lore of DEATH, but there you go. I mean those direct damage spells were good, don't get me wrong, but it seems you get the most bang out of them if you cast them at the right time, which is when your own units are about to do some stomping on the targeted unit.

    Don't worry.
  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,712
    Update Vampire Counts:

    We have a lot of more to talk about the Lore Of Vampires and do something I had not done before: review the LL's.
    I held off that because I thought I wait till I know who are the two are in the game.

    Know we know both of them, it would be time to give them the coverage they deserve.

    But first, let turn to the Lore of Vampires and compare how my predictions fare (thanks AshesFall for the screen):

    Invocation of Nehek:
    The most interesting bits about this spell are the fact that the reanimated don't translate to the campaign map (probably to avoid exploit) and that there is no mentioning of it taking less effect on the more elite units.
    Otherwise, it is as expected.

    Vanhels Danse Macabre:
    Pretty much as predicted.

    Gaze of Nagash:
    Not much information on how strong it actually is, but it looks like one would exspect otherwise.

    Curse of the Years:
    And here it comes. The "what?" one. This spell has nothing to do with its effects in the TT. And I'm okay with that.
    In the TT, it is "another damage spell", here it is a real hex, which fits better the theme of the spell.
    Thou the "recharge abilities" which probably mostly useful against enemy characters.

    Wind of Death:
    CA seem to make the Big spells more different then they are in the TT. Instead of being another vortex spell, like "da bad moon", they turn it into a "breath" weapon, which probably means you can aim this one better.

    Raise of the Dead:
    Which I apparently completely forgot to review the first time around.
    Well it is pretty much as expected, you raise zombies (upgraded Skeletons) no matter where you are, but are limited for 2 times, which is probably sensible since it limits exploits.

    Mannfred von Carstein
    He does NOT use a giant scythe to compensate anything...

    He is a Vampire Lord, which do have impressive stats, but he does not have more than that, except for wounds. In the TT he has the problem that a regular Vampire Lord can easily beat him in terms of melee strength, when equip right. Magicwise, he can be strong, but then he is REALLY expensive and doesn't do that much more magic as any Master Necromancer would do, when he has some toys.

    He starts level 1, but can be upgraded to level 4
    He can use a mixture of spells of the Lore of Death and Vampires.

    Magical items:

    Sword of Unholy power:
    For every unsaved wound, mannfred gains a additional energy dice or a dispel dice, dependent who's magic phase is next.
    Which supports him well for being a caster, but suffers from the problem that it doesn't help to actually get a unsaved wound.

    Armour of Tempelhof
    gives a 5+ armour save (as every other heavy armour) and 2 additional wounds.

    Vampiric Powers:
    While I won't talk about the other "standard" special rules, those here a worth mentioning. They come from a list a generic Vampire lord, usually buys from.

    Master of the Black Arts:
    can reroll one dice to determent the winds of magic.

    Dark Acolyte:
    When ever casting "invocation of Nehek", he gains a D3 for casting it.

    Sommon creatures of the night:
    "Invocation of Nehek" can be use on "Dire wolfs", "Bat swarms" and "fell bats".

    Bodyguards/Mount Options:
    Plenty of mounts, from barded Nightmare to Zombie dragon and Coven Throne.
    No special bodyguard unit thou.

    He has a till now unseen feature: he has actually two lores and not just one. Which is good news for a number of other potential LL's as well. Combine this with excellent fighting power, he should be the perfect LL don't he?
    I'm not so sure. In order to us any spell, he needs to skill it. Which means that we are looking at about 16-20 skill points necessary to have all spells of both lores at level one, from 30. So going "full magic" will seriouly cripple him in other aspects, like melee or campaign.
    And there is of course the problem, to actually have enough energy to keep casting.
    Nevertheless, there should be a number of very useful combos between the two lores, which a other Lord would need a additional hero for, to pull of.

    Sword of Unholy power:
    If it stays as in the TT, then it would not really help him in melee combat.
    But as we have seen in the footage, he does reasonable well in terms of damage and I do exspect that the sword will buff him in melee as well, unlike in the TT.
    So if you want to go casting heavy on him, this sounds like a very good choice.
    Thou the place of the quest, could case issues, since it is pretty far away from your starting point and you will need sometime to prepare the "road" to there with corruption, or suffer.

    Armour of Tempelhof
    If the TT is anything to go by, then this will be a excellent item. While the armour save is pretty standard, the extra amount of wounds/HP is pretty awesome.

    Vampiric Powers:
    I wonder how those general will function. Manfred appears to have "Master of Balck Arts" at the start of the campaign, will he get the other through skills as well? Or can he may choose different?
    How will this work for Generic VC Lords? Are those simply names for the Skill tree abilities (would be fine by me) or will be there something else?

    Master of the Black Arts:
    We have saw this one: a active ability to increase magic. Works pretty much the same as the TT, without the chance to get less, if you choose to reroll a 2+.

    Dark Acolyte:
    Has not been seen yet, I assume it will work fairly simliar to the TT, which would mean that it is a useful buff for one key spell of the Vampire lores.

    Sommon creatures of the night:
    Unsure how this will actually function, since Invocation of Nehek does not mention any limits. Perhaps it will just buff those units.

    probably none

    He has a nearly excessive amount of option for mounts, even without the Coven Throne, so I think it will be pretty hard to decided when to spend the skill points on those or not.
    There are very useful option. From rather simple "horse" to a number of flying mounts, which give him a similar tactical advantage as Ahzag, thou he have the potential to be a far better mage.

    Faction trait:
    thankfully, he breaks with the "every race leader has basically the same trait" trend we have seen before.
    His ability to make ALL of your armies move faster, sounds very useful and with Black Knights and Grave guards, two key units of the VC receive a coast reduction, which also should proof handy.

    I think we look at one of the most versatile, but also most difficulty to skill LL's of the game.
    So many option for him to spend points on, so few points. He can turn him in a wonderful mage, which will still be decent in melee. You can turn him in a very basic mage, with awesome melee abilities. Do you take mounts early or late? They are useful to gain mobility, but the points are missed elsewhere...
    Taking at least one of the flying mounts, seems to be the most sense able to me.

    Heinrich Kemmel
    Begin evil from the very beginning.

    He has a rather bad statline, but he is a caster an those rarely have good stat lines. But as caster he performs: level 4 and lore master of the Vampire Lore, does not disappoint.

    Master of the Dead:
    Is a special rule used, by all Master Necromancer, which allows to not just replenish units with Invocation of Nehek but increase the numbers even beyond they starting point.

    Chaos Tomb Blade:
    Gains +2 attacks. If Kemmel is within a unit of Skeletons Warriors, Grave guard, every model he slains, gains that unit a additional model.

    Clock of Mist and Shadows:
    He gains either the fly or the ethereal rule (he can choose another one, very turn).

    Skull Staff:
    Enemies must tell your they magical item within 12 inches and you gain 1+ to dispel.


    No units is bound to him specific, but his rules suggest to put him into Skeleton warriors or Grave guard.

    Caster appear a lot more beefier in the game, then they TT stats suggest. Following this trend, will make Kemmel not a melee monster, but still useful and too vulnerable against it.

    Master of the Dead:
    It will interesting to see, how this works. It is likely that there will be similar limits as to raise dead.
    The ability to pump up units for special purposes (it may be only to be a road block), could prove very handy.

    Chaos Tomb Blade:
    In the TT, this is a odd item for a caster, since he pretty much suck in the whole melee thing and even 2+ attacks do not push him in even "okay" territory. But agian, it looks like that it will be a option to get him stuck into melee to get some of his damage to support the units.
    If he now would gain both a buff to his melee stats and a passive or active ability to boost Skeleton Warriors or Grave Guard HP with the damage his does, then we look at a pretty good support unit for those.

    Clock of Mist and Shadows:
    If this even remotely works as the TT, then it is worth its weight in gold. A excellent compensation for Kemmels lack of mounts. Giving him the option to fly away or made him incredible tough for a while (ethereal appears to be "just" boosting defences against non magical damage), which also helps his melee potential, could prove critical in many situation. I assume we will see this as active ability.
    I also suspect to grant passive improvements for defence for him.

    Skull Staff:
    One effect is pretty obvious: magic resistance/defence against enemy spells.
    The other one could lead to a number of interesting effects, which could be help more on the campaign map, then the battle. He could gain scout range on the map. He could gain improve chances to find magical items after battle.
    All of these are more practical, then the direct TT effect, since the game usually tells you what a enemy does or does not.

    He could have access to a special unit of Skeletons, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Faction trait:
    Boost your ability to filed more Necromancers and makes you more independent from your home recruitment bases. If you plan expeditions (stopping the WoC for example) far away, this could prove critical to refill your armies after hard battles or use other peoples hard battles more effectively.

    I didn't talk about him here yet, but I think I have to address the elephant in the room. Many people think that Krell could be a "quest reward" for Kemmel and it would make sense if you would gain him in the quest for the "Chaos Tomb Blade" (very creative name GW, really...), but I don't think Krell is in the game yet.
    TT wise, he has boni for fighting in the same unit as Kemmel (Kemmel doesn't get a direct buff), but there is no rule saying that he has to be with Kemmel. Which puts him in largely the same situation as Ludwig Schwarzhelm, who gains special rules for fighting with Karl Franz in the same unit. I have seen no sighs of him either.
    So my guess is that Krell, along others, will end in the trilogy as DLC at some point.
    Should I be wrong, then gaining a very potent melee hero, could prove very useful.

    He does appear for many to be a none choice, compared to Mannfred. Mannfred is the far better fighter and the better mage after all.
    I personal disagree with this assessment. Yes he will be worse in melee, no doubt about it, but base on what we saw in the video, it could be very well a option to put him within a skeleton warrior units to make the damage (we will be talking about 200+ weapon strength), while skeletons protect him.
    In terms of magic, he is far more limited, in terms of choice of spells and combination, but he will be far better in using the Lore of Vampire then Mannfred. He is lore master, which means he can cast faster and Master of the Dead should improve Invocation of Nehek in some way.
    He is also the more "focus" character. Where a level 20 Manfred could have all spells of both lores on level 1, Kemmel may only have the whole of the Vampire Lore on Level 2.
    How much of a difference this will be, we have to wait and see, but I wouldn't discount that the spell gain allot of being level 2.
    In conclusion I would say that Kemmel is not the "all in one solution" as is Mannfred, but is far better focus in the role as Vampire Lore caster as Mannfred.
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