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Unit replenishment killed strategy

UnitRepenishSucksUnitRepenishSucks Registered Users Posts: 1
I am an old TW fan, I've been playing it ever since the first Shogun could be installed as demo, and haven`t stopped playing it ever since.

So I had to open an account just to point out to a thing I believe will end this franchise.

Unit replenishment system had significantly changed game mechanics, removed many of most important strategy aspects, completely destroyed game realism, and ultimately - squeezed the fun out of it.

First, strategic planning is biggest loss for this (strategy) game. Building and maintaining supply lines, border forts, armories and recruitment facilities should be important part of every war economy, right?

Well, not in latest Total War series. It does not matter how far is closest recruitment facility, every loss after battle will be magically replenished if you are on "friendly" territory, even if your rampaging latin army just conquered and sacked celtic city 3000 km from Rome, you can always find veteran Pretorian guards sitting in Sacred Grow to replace recently died ones.

Why would you even bother build recruiting facilities, have reserves? That would be strategically wrong decision, you would be wasting resources on something completely useless.

What the hack why would you even bother playing battles, every wrong decision, every unnecessary dead veteran will resurrect tomorrow and continue fighting, anybody saw that movie "Universal Soldier" with Jean Claude van Dame?

I built only one 3rd tier facility somewhere around Rome for entire empire, how is that realistic? Or fun?
I played maybe several battles in entire single player campaign, why would I even bother when there is autoresolve/replenish logic?
You stack up several armies and just autoresolve entire campaign.

I can read complains about auto replenishing auxilia, well that is something you could do with old TW system, all low tier units could be recruited from other cultures facilities and therefore replenished. Like it should be, and like it historically was.

AI was stupid when assaulting you, this is true, but let`s be honest here, this is not a game where you get conquered by AI, this is a game where you conquer AI, where you build armies and infrastructure for that.
Now, I do not build or prepare, I just autoresolve my campaign.

New total war series is not designed for hard-core players, it looks like it is designed for console, for a kids with short focus span and those who are not looking for a challenge, but fun.

If this was my first contact with TW series I would discard it as - boring.



  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,801
    Wrong forum for a Rant.
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