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quick question to anyone out their modding how do you enable the family tree for unlocked factions

rich1994rich1994 Posts: 3Registered Users
because i figured out how to do every thing else except fix the family tree so to fix politics from stop crashing :(


  • StuieStuie Junior Member Posts: 67Registered Users
    edited December 2015
    This assumes you have a faction properly created in the Assembly Kit with political parties and only need to add a Family Tree. This should guide you in adding the basic family tree, and will hopefully give you enough information if you want to experiment with more complex trees.

    Table: start_pos_characters
    1. Change the "Progenitor" value to "true" for your faction leader.
    2. Add rows to create females and children for your faction. Fields are as follows:

    ID: Should be generated by DAVE; use a unique ID if not. Faction: Identifier for your faction Name: Any valid forename (f: for females and m: for males) Surname: Any valid family_name or [blank] Age: Age for the female (any age > 16) or child (any age < 17) Type: general startx: 0 starty: 0 ministerial_position: [blank] portrait_id: Valid ID from campaign_character_art_sets (spouse) or [blank] (children) model: [blank] immortal: false override_general_unit: [blank] is_in_generals_pool: false is_male: false for females; true for male children loyalty: [Value from 0 - 10] clan_name: Any valid clan_name or [blank] other_name: Any valid other name or [blank] ambition: [Value from 0 - 100] political_party: The faction leader's political party. death_type: [blank] turns_died_before_start: [blank] legacy_override: [blank] progenitor: false


    Table: start_pos_family_relationships
    3. Add rows to create a relationship for each spouse/child. Fields:

    Character: Select the FEMALE SPOUSE or CHILD from the dropdown list. related_to: Select the MALE SPOUSE or FATHER from the dropdown list. relationship: Select Spouse/Child as appropriate bastard: Select False for Spouse or appropriate value for Child adopted: Select False for Spouse or appropriate value for Child


    After making the changes, you will need to Export Tables from Tweak and then generate a new pack file for your campaign using BOB.

    Example of a custom tree I created for Roman Britain mod:

  • rich1994rich1994 Posts: 3Registered Users
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