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Cannot end turn, save or give any army an order.

Faab20Faab20 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello there,

I was playing a multiplayer head to head game with my friend and the last thing I remember is me killing a rebel army. Shortly after that my friend ended his turn and I was unable to move any armys, disband units or save the game. I was able to build buildings and assign skills to commanders though. I tried fixing it by switching commanders but that did not seem to work either.

I believe the turn glitches because of a civil war that broke out in an army I own because it got destroyed by the rebels.

The first thing that happends when I enter my turn is that I get notified about the a civil war breaking out other than that I see nothing strange.

Let's try and come with a solution shall we? ^^

Kind regards,


  • Lexi_CALexi_CA Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,531
    Hi Fabian,
    Do either of you have any mods installed or previously used any? Have you verified your games cache integrity since?
    I'd suggest uninstalling them all and seeing if the problem still persists.
    If it does please let me know :)
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