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HavaGandaHavaGanda Australia Registered Users Posts: 4
Bretonnia, will (I hope anyways) be a playable faction at some point. And I was thinking about how CA could make them quite unique.

Obviously Bretonnia's main focus will be extremely powerful heavy cavalry and swaths of peasantry to back them up, so it would play quite similarly to Medieval II Total War. But I feel they may be underpowered unless they make their Knights extremely (I MEAN EXTREMELY) powerful, being able to crush 2-3 full companies of orcs in one go. Or to employ my idea for them

Instead of recruiting like the other factions do, you instead recruit lords (who would function similarily to the agents on the battlefield, and each lord brings along his own host of free peasants, squires and knights. Each lords stats are different so you hsould be careful for which one you recruit, and perhaps as the lords gain power their free forces that they bring become larger as well (I would say you could still buy elite units, basically anything above Knight's Errant should be buyable)

A system which could go along with this is giving cities to your lords, this could boost their level immensly, give you extra gold (but less food) and a constant large garrison within the city. (you can still control the lord, but his "family" owns the land)

Which not only is a unique and cool way of playing, it is also lore friendly as Bretonnia was a feudal, vassal based empire


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