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Empires of Sand (Unit Recruitment Bugs)

HauptymannHauptymann Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2016 in Gameplay Issues
After the recent Age of Charlemagne DLC and White Hun/Alan Roster Free-LC Update both Himyar and Aksum have multiple Units un-recruitable in their campaigns.

Aksum cannot recruit the following:
Sons of the Invicible Mahrem (Semitic pagan unit)
Beher's Chosen (Semitic pagan unit)
Abuna's Guard (Eastern Christian Unit)

Himyar cannot recruit the following:
Zodiac Archers (Semitic pagan Unit)

In the particular case of Aksum these bugs affect them the most and are currently causing me to simply not play them due to the fact that three top tier units are unavailable for the late game of those campaigns.

I ask for anyone else who is unable to recruit these units to leave a comment to simply confirm it isnt isolated or to add more remarks about more Desert Kingdoms not able to recruit units. I'd also would like someone from CA to let us know if they are aware and let us know they are working on it.

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: (Abuna's Guard is not recruitable not Bet Giorgis Calvary, edited post to reflect this)
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