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Game randomly crashing.

ThaPastafarianThaPastafarian Registered Users Posts: 2
I just built a brand new gaming PC. New CPU, RAM, GPU, everything (except the PSU). Shogun 2 seems very... persnickety. It'll sometimes crash on start, and other times let me through. It randomly will crash during battles (it seems the GPU driver is failing), but then other times will make it through. Finally, I've also been able to play entire battles without a hitch, only to crash afterwards (and sometimes not at all).

My specs:

Intel i7 6700K
EVGA Geforce 980 ti SC 2+ - running most recent driver (361.43)
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM
750W PSU (power is not an issue AFAIK)
Windows 10 Pro - clean install (no upgrade)

I'd like to mention that I've reinstalled several times in the hopes of curbing these problems, and since reinstalling have not, as of yet, run into the game crashing mid-battle. However, I've had the CPU benchmark consistently fail (can't get it to run at all), and the game has crashed after a battle for me once.

I've identified EVGA Precision X as part of the culprit - if I turn it off, I can run the GPU benchmarks. EVGA Precision could be what's causing the issue, the first time I tried a battle I loaded up the game without and enabled it in the main menu, and was able to play an entire battle, finish, and quit without problems. The second time, I loaded up EVGA Precision before playing, made it through the battle, and then crashed during the post-battle loading screen.

I'm not sure how to get my dxdiag, but I have a crash log. I believe this crash log is from the failed GPU benchmark, but I'm not sure (because after my second crash it didn't appear to generate a second crash log). Hopefully it'll help to illuminate the issue.

I don't think any of my hardware is faulty (ran a memory test and it passed, I don't get random blue screens or anything, other games seem to run just fine), but I'm definitely trying to confirm that as I go.


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