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Suddenly, Will not Open

lordhofflordhoff Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 312
Well, I'm on my second play thru just a few years shy of a win and the game will no longer open. It gives a message saying I must have administrator privileges. I've not been playing as administrator because when I tried to do so, the game didn't recognize the campaign I was well into. At this point, I don't really care if I continue my french game, I've basically won, but if I now try to open the game as administrator, I get the window asking if it is OK to modify my hard drive which I of course check "yes" but then, nothing happens. I've tried twice reinstalling the game making sure everything in the "Sega" folder was gone but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Edit: Oh, yeah:

Available Physical Memory 5.71 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT 545


  • lordhofflordhoff Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 312
    Had to modify a Windows update file - apparently a known problem.
  • HanonenHanonen PortugalRegistered Users Posts: 2
    Men...I have a problem, I have Rome 1 installed and work perfectly and I already had Rome 2 but after a time I've uninstaled it cause it was lagging a lot...my graphic card is an onboard amd ati radeon HD 4200 and it's not enough even I have 4Gb of Ram...but know after 2 days trying to download Medieval 2, I can't play cause when the game starts it goes down saying that an unexpected error occurred and the program will close...I'm using win 10 and I would really like to play it...any sugestions???

  • lordhofflordhoff Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 312
    I've heard that it doesn't work with Win10 (and possibly 8). I'm not at all up on PC tech; tech support told me of the problem and provided me a link to a Microsoft generated workaround. But, you said "I" worked so one would assume the newer "II" would. Have you tried tech support yet? Thia forum doesn't seem very active so you may not get an answer before the next ice age.
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