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Freezing in-game (cripples P.C., forces plugging out)

KaiserLiamKaiserLiam Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello. I am afraid I have no crash reports or such finicky things for this one.

E.T.W. has worked wonderfully for me for a number of years but fairly recently has consistently crashed a number of minutes into play. This happens irregardless of game chosen (campaign/skirmish).

At first it freezes but the mouse can continue moving about and other programs are unaffected (Spotify in the background etc.).

The mouse and keyboard then become frozen themselves and eventually even Spotify becomes affected (looping a second of the particular song). This happens either of its own accord within a few minutes OR shortly after attempting to force an exit or bring up Task Master.

I am not particularly savvy with computers. I receive regular NVIDIA updates so perhaps that is causing some problems (though E.T.W. is not on the optimisation list).

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game which I have on disc, removing D.L.Cs and such, to no avail. If a fix would involve tinkering with game files, I would need a guide. Total War games are not quite the open books Paradox games tend to be!

Any advice would be appreciated.
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