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Advanced Controls

YazuakeYazuake Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 9
edited February 2016 in General Discussion
Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knows/could list the advanced controls of Total War: Warhammer.
In Attila, the advanced controls were significantly different compared to Rome II - and that put me really off.
As a result, I barely play Attila, even though I would want to.

I love to play Rome II, but when I play Attila I have to - for example - remember to press Alt if you want to drag units.
I would also like to turn off the automatic locked grouping, having to press Ctrl-G at the start of battle for each group I create is a bit annoying.
I know I may sound like a "whiner", but it is very distracting to have controls work differently from one "version" to another.

Suggestion to CA: Make the advanced controls section in the settings configurable - at least allow to choose a set of controls.

I hope someone can rid me of my fear - it'd be a really big shame if Warhammer ends up like Attila ended up for me.


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