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Faction Banners in TW Warhammer

Indypride#7329Indypride#7329 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,744
I noticed in the overhead battle layout of Azhag's Quest chain, that the faction banners were Yellow for ally and Red for enemy, like in Attila.

One of the things I really disliked about Attila was the faction banner system (no faction specific markings or banners, yellow for your troops, blue for allied troops, red for enemy troops). All factions look the same when you're zoomed out, and it hurts my immersion and makes many of the factions seem even more similar.

In the battle of Thundering Falls, which to this point is the only gameplay where we can actually see the UI and gameplay faction banners, the Dwarfs have Blue banners with gold icons and the Greenskins have Green banners with red icons. I MUCH prefer this style because it makes it clear which race you are fighting and differentiates them (gives them unique flavor) when you're zoomed out and away from the action.

Do you guys think they changed the faction banners back to Attila's style as they got further into development? Or do you think this is a Rome 2 situation, where that's just a screenshot of the battlefield when you hold tab and see the overhead view?

I know this seems kind of silly but honestly its kind of important to me. Faction specific colors and banners, especially when you're zoomed out and cant see the details on the modeled troops, are a big deal IMO.

Which style do you prefer?


  • Commissar_G#7535Commissar_G#7535 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 15,868
    I also think part of the "issue" with the Attila version of the engine was the colouring of the armies. It wasn't as bad in Rome 2 because some armies could be quite colourful but even looking at the reveal for the LOTR mod for Attila I can't tell the difference between a soldier of gondor and an orc. It's just a giant grey/brown blob. And the yellow/red thing does add to that "bland" feel.

    That being said the yellow/red/blue colouring is simple and effective. I feel like if they improve the lighting in TW:W which they have seemed to a bit it won't be AS dull.
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  • Indypride#7329Indypride#7329 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,744
    Yes, the Attila system is simple and effective. Its also dreadfully dull and boring to look at IMO. I feel like people are smart enough to learn the colors of their own factions banners. I have a hard time believing they've gone back to the Attila system given what we saw at the Ambush at the Thundering Falls, but still that Bretonnia/Greenskins overview screenshot does worry me a little bit.

    I had the same thought about the LOTR mod for Attila too, everything looks brown and black from above, nothing to distinguish the Uruk Hai from Gondor soldiers unless you zoom in close. That's why I really want unique faction flags in Warhammer
  • Setrus#7519Setrus#7519 Senior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 18,845
    In rome 2, the tactical overhead map also have you displayed as yellow and the enemy as red, so I wouldn't sweat it too much, @Indypride :)
    I too prefer the faction-symbols on the banners and loved those we've seen so far in Blackfire Pass and Thundering Pass. :) (hey, the next battle will NOT be in a pass! :lol: )
    Don't worry.
  • DalakhDalakh Senior Member FranceRegistered Users Posts: 1,937
    edited February 2016

    Worry not my friend. ;)

    You can clearly see unit banners and unit icons as separate. In tactical view mode though I wouldn't be surprised if Attila icons were the norm since they were quite frankly more handy than the rome 2 ones.
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