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A recommendation: The Blade Balance mod – A Rome II Re-Balance Mod

SnipingAchillesSnipingAchilles Senior MemberBelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 294
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A recommendation: The Blade Balance mod – A Rome II Re-Balance Mod.

“The Blade Balance mod has made the multiplayer of Rome II more enjoyable than it ever has been.”

What is the Blade Balance mod?

The Blade Balance is a mod mainly created by Blademaster and input from an enthusiastic community surrounding the mod. The mod aims to give every faction a flavor, and to make the game more balanced.

What makes the balance mod so good?

As of right now, we all know that the meta of Rome II are sword rushes, with Tylis, Boii and Rome being the top tier factions in the game. Most of the time, archers, cavalry and pikes have an underwhelming influence on the battlefield compared to swords, and a lot of factions are played in the same way. Therefore there is actually not too much variety.

The mod recognizes and addresses most of these problems.

If you would like to read all the changes, I highly suggest you take a look at the mod in the workshop. All the changes are listed there in a clear and understandable manner. It is very easy to read.

In short:

Pikes are stronger, actually viable, and enjoyable.

Pikes have had their prime in Rome II, but they either were too strong, or too weak.
In the mod pikes have changed quite a bit:

- Pike units drop their pikes faster
- Size of a pike unit is increased to 150
- Pikes are more aggressive when given attack orders

These are, in my opinion, the most important changes.
There are more changes, you can see them in the workshop.

It’s good for pikes to be really strong in the front, and really weak in the back. My experience with pikes in the mod has been really good so far. Pikes are a really strong, but are also easy to rout, if you can get to attack them in their back it is really devastating. But attack them from the front, and you will be obliterated.

Cavalry brings more weight to the battlefield, literally!

Unless you brought royal/hellenic/eastern cataphracts, or any of the nomadic cavalry, cavalry felt really underwhelming.

You can kind of compare it with Napoleon : Total War. Cavalry can play a big role, but at the end of the day you cannot win alone fielding cavalry. (Unless you bring shooter cavalry like Chasseurs a Cheval or Mounted Nazim Cedit, but that is the modern equivalent of horse archers). 20 lancers/hussars will never win against 10 line infantry that is squared up.

Though, the mod has increased the mass of every melee and cavalry unit by 16%. Not missile cavalry!

This makes the cavalry have a bigger and more important role in the game. As they are now more dangerous and harder to kill. Also, a re-introduction of the trample ability for every shock cavalry unit that costs over 1000 talents.

Also, you can start protecting your swords. As sword cavalry are now very viable units to kill infantry that is pinned down.

Hoplites and spears

As cavalry, some of them have a higher mass. But the biggest spear is that the weapon in the hoplites are now more deadly, and thus, more useful to field.
Also, spears have scalable precursor volleys.
There are a lot of changes regarding all these different types of units and weapons that you can read yourself on the workshop page.

What about the almighty swords?

Because of the boosts that cavalry, hoplites, spears and pikes have gotten. Swords are, without changes, still strong. But not as strong as they are in the vanilla game.

One last big change for the swords: all melee infantry except HELLENIC, IBERIAN, EASTERN variety have only 1 pre-cursor javelin ammo.

Precursors are one of the big reasons infantry was so strong. They did not need cavalry, spears or skirmishers to protect them from enemy infantry, melee cavalry or any other infantry unit. If something wanted to charge them, they would have to take a precursor volley to the face. The sword unit could back off and charge again, throwing another precursor volley in the unit before taking a melee engagement, in the already weakened unit.

Kiting is back!

Love it or hate it.Kiting is a valid and possible strategy now in the mod. I think that doesn’t need more explanation.

Though there is one big change that I’d like to go over: archers have a longer range than slingers. But are not necessarily better than slingers.

My conclusion

The mod, surrounded by an enthusiastic community, and with more than 2000 subscribers. Is by far the most successful re-balance mod that the Total War multiplayer community has ever seen.

If you would like to subscribe to the mod or take a look at the changes click the following link:

If you would like to find opponents to play against using the mod, I think joining this group would be a good idea:

If you would like to sign up for tournaments using the mod, don’t hesitate the join the Wolf of Remus Tournaments tournament group:

Or, if you just would like to watch enjoyable content of the mod. Make sure you subscribe to the WOLFTotalWar YouTube Channel:


With more than 2000 subscribers on the mod in the Steam workshop for Rome II. It is safe to say that this is the most popular balance mod out there that the multiplayer community of Total War has seen, and is actually using for tournaments.

See you on the battlefield!

AggonyAchilles on Steam.

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/snipingachilles
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  • blademaster3090blademaster3090 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 402
    Wow, excellent post! Humbled by your recommendation, thanks :) Blade Balance is 1 big patch away from being complete (I will be updating Rome 2's stealth mechanics to match Attila's, but the pack file manager keeps crashing on me) but so far, the response has been very positive and I'm grateful to people like you and the rest of the community for helping me make this mod successful.
    Check out my youtube channel! Mainly Rome 2 Multiplayer tactics, tutorials and replays :)
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