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Campaign map lag on unit selection

PeerchPeerch Registered Users Posts: 3
Hey there,
I bought total war rome 2 emperor edition a couple days ago and everytime i tried to play campaign and i select any units my frames drop. This is worst when selecting the Agent.
I play on max settings with about 50 fps and when i select any unit they drop to 15- 20 fps. I tried to play it on lowest settings but same lag occuring every time.
I am running the game on windows 10 on my ssd this is my hardware:
gtx 970
i5- 4590 3.2 ghz
8gb ddr3 RAM
z97- g45 Motherboard
(i hope thats about the hardware information you need)
I hope u can see all the other information you need in the dxdiag i will post following on that post. I allready contacted sega support but they couldnt help me.
I tried to reinstall the game, go into compatibility mode, reinstall directx, verified game cache reinstalled the game, i was searching through tons of forums but nothing seemed to help me. I also followed this little guide
https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/114939/faq-ix-graphics-issues-graphics-cards-self-diagnostic that led me here.
And by the way I updated all the drivers I could find...
The campaign map unit selection is the only thing i have trouble with the rest runs smooth.
Hope you can help me.
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