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Onagers Causing Campaign Battle Desyncs

cienadecienade MemberRegistered Users Posts: 59
Title says it all. We experienced this issue in Rome 2 as well and we were using a mod to circumvent it, but no such mod appears to exist for this game.

As soon as an onager impact strikes the ground, the game desyncs. In addition to this we have had one campaign battle desync unrelated to the issue. If anyone knows of a mod that removes artillery or changes the explosion sfx, please let me know.


  • CraigCACraigCA Creative Assembly HorshamModerators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 3,135
    Heya, we've tested this internally and Onager projectiles (both standard and flaming) aren't causing any desyncs for us in MPC. Are you playing with any mods already installed? There might be something modifying the projectiles that's causing the issue.
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